How can one become spiritual without becoming religious i.e. subscribing to man made rituals and dogmas?

Question by johnmgrigsby: How can one become spiritual without becoming religious i.e. subscribing to man made rituals and dogmas?
I am looking for a “religion” that will help me to find the purpose and reason for my life, help me to become more spiritual, and doesn’t demand that I assume a facade by claiming to adhere to a bunch of man-made dogmas and rituals which to me are totally ridiculous and illogical. In summary, I am looking for a “religion” which will accept me as I am and help me to grow in spirituality, understanding, compassion, and knowledge.

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Answer by larissa
try buddhism. it brings a life psylosophy, wiseness, a way to be, but dosent mention a god and dosen’t make you do all kind of rituals

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  1. The Quakers (“Society of Friends”) have a beautifully bare-bones approach to spirituality.

    So do many Buddhists, especially the Vipassana Buddhists in the West.*

    I personally grew up allergic to rituals and dogma. I still have little use for mind-closing dogmas, but I am becoming increasingly appreciative of the transformative power of ritual as a deep, “embodied” poetry and transformative theater.

  2. am looking for a “religion” which will accept me as I am and help me to grow in spirituality, understanding, compassion, and knowledge.

    It is really sad that religion can’t do those things for you. Have you ever considered going to a non-denominational church. I attend “Church of God” and it has all of the qualities you listed above. It is a new testament church that follows the teachings of Jesus but doesn’t get bogged down w/ man made rules and regulations. You should google and see if there is one by you. Seriously, not ALL churches are bad. I used to hate church until I found the one I go to now. Have been there for 16 years.

  3. I Ching answers:

    Consultation on Sunday, August 12, 2007 at 9:23 AM.

    Present: 25 Innocence

    Question: How can one become spiritual without becoming religious ie subscribing to dogma?

    Innocence implies a natural harmlessness, openness and pure intentions which are unsullied by ulterior motives. The state of innocence has less to do with age than attitude; innocence springs from a heart which remains open to joy and wonder. Innocence, when guided by a firm faith in what is right, brings supreme success. Naivete unanchored by an ability to discern right from wrong, on the other hand, brings misfortune.

    The hallmark of innocence is a willingness to treat all creatures with compassion and respect.

    Those who possess a pure heart are best guided by their instincts and intuition. Thinking too much severs links with the guidance of the heart: namely, a clear intuition and strong guiding instincts. Be wary of courses of action which require too much cleverness.

    You cast several changing lines, which indicates a number of changing possibilities in the situation.

    The first changing line is Line 4:

    Remember, that if something truly belongs to or with you, it cannot be taken from you. Let go of it and it will naturally return to you. Similarly, as long as you are true to yourself, and listen to your intuition, you can make no mistakes.

    The second changing line is Line 5:

    Sudden misfortune! It is important to discover whether a misfortune has been an accident of nature, or the result of your own mistakes. If it was an accident, take no action; let nature take its course without interference. Do not try to come up with a clever quick-fix solution.

    The third changing line is Line 6:

    Even innocent action can backfire if the timing is not right for progress. When there is little hope in a situation, the best thing to do is to wait peacefully. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating trouble for yourself and others.

    Future: 24 Returning

    This hexagram represents the quality of likely opportunities and challenges arising from changes that are in process now:

    There is a turning point which recharges you and eventually brings success. It is associated with a turning of darkness back towards the direction of the light, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the day when darkness begins to decrease and the hours of daylight increase. It is the beginning of a turn-around; a time of letting go of the old and making way for the new; a time of new beginnings, and it starts with rest.

    Don’t move too fast. The new momentum is just beginning; the turn-around demands that your energy be recharged by adequate rest, so that your life-force will not be spent prematurely. This principle of hibernation, of allowing energy to renew itself and be strengthened by rest applies to many situations – recuperation after an illness, the slow return of trust after period of estrangement, the careful development of new relationships after a splitting apart of old ones.

  4. Start your own religion. Or do you need someone to tell you what to do, how to act for the rest of your life?

  5. I wish I knew more about Buddhism and Taoism, they seem rather peaceful religions, personally, I feel my most spiritual outside meditating in nature and just absorbing the beauty around me, and appreciating all of the wonders and life around me, I am pagan, yes there are rituals, but you do not have to participate to feel spiritual or grow spiritually.

  6. First off – stop looking for a religion. All existing religions contain man made rituals and dogmas. In fact, avoid talking to anyone about religion. Avoid reading religious books. If you want to avoid incorporating man-made dogmas into your beliefs, this would be the only way to avoid it.

    Go out into nature, find a decent place to just sit and watch things around you and think. Avoid thinking about anything any human has ever told you. Try to be inspired solely by what you see in nature.

    Don’t look for help from any people, no matter how wise they seem. Interacting with humans on this subject will only corrupt what you learn from nature.

    Please note that you could possibly learn some interesting things by reading a wide variety of texts from many different religions. However, if you want to obtain a spirituality utterly free from human dogmas, you would probably most successful by avoiding such texts.

    If you feel the need to be part of a spiritually focused group where you will not be forced to adhere to some dogma, try a Unitarian-Universalist church. However, at those churches you will be exposed to a wide variety of religious ideas from various belief systems. So, again, you will risk finding yourself possibly adopting a human dogma, (consciously or subconsciously).

  7. Hike across the desert at night wearing only hiking boots and a backpack. Such a walk will definitely help raise your level of consciousness

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