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  1. you can try this and see if it will be of assistance—take 4 oz of chlorophyll-2 grams of salicyclic acid ( pure) and 20 grams of vitamin C ad 20 oz of distilled water and blend for about 3-4 minutes til everything is mixed ( sweeten with glycerol if desired–stop blender pour into glass bottle–use 1/2 oz increments and do this every 2-3 hours—might resolve some of this and the use of gelaton will also assist

  2. I will do my friend, What do you suggest for someone suffering from Reiters syndrome? I educate all my friends on all my findings and they now make silver and other solutions that youve posted. Awaiting your reply much appreciation.

  3. many thanks tony ,till the stores open tomorrow i have only fresh garlic in the house tonight so can i use this or shall i wait till tomorrow till the stores open ,blessings ,helen

  4. How about Garlic—use kyolic formula 108 or 110 or 103 and use 2 every hour for the first 4 hours and then go 2 every 3-4 hours—ALL GRAINS MUST STOP–ALL SUGAR FREE FAT FREE DAIRY OR PASTEURIZED DAIRY MUST STOP–Exceptions would be fermented dairy products such as kefir or Yogurt but the MUST HAVE FAT IN THEM- Combining Lugols iodine and a garlic or onion extract-doing this again every 4 hours—upping enzymes with trypsin –should see a significant effect—AVOID ALL GRAIN AND SOY PRODUCTS

  5. hi tony ,i had dental implants in 10 days ago but have been told by the surgeon i now have an infection in my gums ,i have been drinking colloidal 180 ppm to help get rid of the infection ,can you please tell me if theres anything else i can do as the surgeon gave me antibiotics 250mg x 4 times a day and i dont want to take them ,they cant take the stitches out of my mouth while theres infecion ,blessings from a worried helen 🙂

  6. wow pretty awesome. I was wondering Tony does this colloidal silver help with problems Such as Reynolds Scerloderma I have a poor IMMUNE SYSTEM also on blood thinner for life
    Lupus Thank YOU Kindly anxious to make a batch..I will let you know Lesa.

  7. go to my web page there is a augmentinforce link and when you open the page look at the enzyme link there —it will be a education and while your on my page feel free to down load everything you can and in the mediafire as well and Share the page and the info eh

  8. use the powders for absorption order from pure bulk and start making them yourself
    this way YOU have control eh!
    Now make them BETTER and share the health!!

  9. Glad I could assist—when you make it share your results—let everyone see as well this will inspire more to make this and make it better

  10. Thank you for this great video and how to use the meter. I bought one and tested some CS I had made a month ago. It tested at 931 ppm. It was an exceptionally strong batch I know because most of one the silver ribbons I had had become almost dissolved..whups! You showed how to measure and now I know and will make a new batch and be able to gauge what I am doing. You saved the day, thanks!

  11. i just googled “Serrepetase” and cant find nothing on it at all where can i obtain this from? again much appreciation tony

  12. Tony you are the man, hands down. Do you suggest getting the b5 from plant derived or vitamin powder? i saw your video on vitamins, actually all of them! and i was amazed at the scams they are pulling off, everything you know about the government and everything else on this frequency we live on i know enough of it too so im not shocked, but damn they profit from that in so many ways with the unbioavailbable tablets n such. much thanks again my friend.

  13. iodine is what I normally suggest with B5 and rhodiola—the use of fats saturated to regenerate the cells—B1 100mgs MSM 1000mgs And Serrepetase 10mg ( 20,000 su)
    for pain I woul recommend the TSP solution I show how to make–for the immune system with the silver maybe every other day

  14. ok will do how much silver colloid would you recommend and what herbs? i suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome too what do you reccomend? many thanks tony

  15. tell him no GRAINS under any circumstance—or sugars–this may be a result of the GE or GMO’s what I call these days GE manifestations

  16. Thanks for explaining everything i have the full knowledge now! My friend has a NSU how much of which ppm should he take a day? many thanks once again and im sure a lot of people that will read these comments will benefit too.

  17. no–because you are using a high level of silver —but it will be used as well for other contaminants you will be needing to keep things in balance—using that much daily is not necessary unless your health conditions warrant it–remember what you made is high end

  18. So i will be fine to keep using this daily as i have a ? and your saying the above as protection for the silver anyway or because of the added silicon dioxide?

  19. again IT SHOULD be–as a precautionary measure like I said as well in the vid increase fat to remove excesses that may occur–and pectin to remove any accumalation—the other thing when using that much increase enzymes as well as bacteria either from yogurt or other fermented foods—to keep everything in balance

  20. now thats a bunch of classic stoners. you dont see this often. joints, and edibles. right on, man!

  21. if they have been vaped or heated to at least 300 degrees then yes! throw it on anything or it eat it

  22. paupl i have a queston can you use vaped herbs to make cannabutter? will it teaste bad? thanks

  23. i made a bunch of organic cannabutter and loved eating that stuff with local honey on brown rice in the morning. i miss the taste! 🙂

  24. yes good luck with that if you wanna go buy a factory to make umm for you it’s better bc then you spend half of a million $ on bullshit you don’t need BTW no one cares about how you make Edibles. this shit is so easy a 4thGrader can do it 🙂 Knew how to make edibles since i was 10

  25. lol all edibles are going to taste like Cannabis if there home made about 95% of the time they will

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