The Search for DH Lawrence

Emeritus Professor John Worthen in conversation with Dr Andrew Harrison, Director of the University of Nottingham’s DH Lawrence Research, discusses the question of Lawrence and biography in the context of the Lakeside exhibition ‘The Many Lives of DH Lawrence’.

6 thoughts on “The Search for DH Lawrence

  1. The way he acts…oh my god! He is fantastic! When he speaks it is so sincere and so full of love and respect for the words he speaks and the work he does. None of these new actors have such a talent.

  2. Am I only imagining or is the actor who plays Lawrence poorly synced? The mouth lags behind the words. Otherwise beautiful casting, it looks like Lawrence himself -amazing….

  3. Another question, tetiousoldfools….might you be able to put up the part of this film, when Lawrence carries his mother down the stairs and recites the poem about the strand of hair? I love that poem.

  4. tetitousoldfools, I own and love this movie. I am a big D.H. Lawrence fan, as well as a Branagh fan, so this role is wonderful…a bit of synchroncity. Do you have the cut when Branagh recited the Violet’s poem. I have been looking for it for so long online. The recording was on the net but it is gone. Please put it up if you do have it – that is my favorite scene, but this one is great, too.

  5. An Austrian accent, hadn’t heard that yet from our Dame. Brannagh: “you’re the most wonderful woman in the world, it’s obvious” yeah, lol! Wonderful to see them together!

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