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  • Avatar Takes On Corporate Military, Spirituality Wins Battle

    Article by Jason Matthews

    Avatar is the greatest movie I have ever seen, a shoo-in for best picture. Written and directed by James Cameron, it’s a unique blend of original, high-concept plot and breathtaking animation to go with the action and adventure that audiences love.More importantly are the spiritual themes within the plot that Avatar clearly expresses – that firmly rooted connectedness to our fellow humans, to the animal kingdom, to plants and the world itself, are far more important than corporate greed backed by military force. Avatar uses terms like “pre-emptive strike,” “shock and awe,” and “bringing terror to the terrorists,” but Avatar cleverly turns these terms on the very military corporate minds that invented them, bringing light to what the US military is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.Avatar is filled with spiritual themes and metaphors for the choices we, as a 1st world society, face today.Eywa – mother nature, spirit within all life and everything that is and is forever connected. Eywa sounds like a combination of Yahweh (Hebrew for God) and Gaia (spirit of Earth).Unobtainium – the ridiculously expensive mineral that is mined from Pandora (ancient Greek Goddess – giver of all life). The highly sought after rock that caused corporate and military minds to destroy everything in effort to obtain it. Surely this is an “unobtainable” treasure, for how can anything have value when all else must be destroyed to get it?The story takes place in 2154, the beginning of the Aquarian age. What’s the color of the Navi’s skin?… blue, of course. The water bearers cleansing us of our dirty ways.Jake Sulley is the protagonist, the person we all can identify with, the one caught in the middle of performing his job as a marine and becoming a member of the Na’vi (naive, native), the indigenous spiritual tribe of people on Pandora. Jake represents ourselves as we look in the mirror and decide if our actions and direction are ultimately a benefit for all or the ultimate ruin of all.I could continue since this movie is so full of metaphors and themes that we are presently experiencing. Hollywood is moving into a new realm. I loved this film and will gladly see it again. Well done, Mr. Cameron. I’ll look forward to the sequels.

    About the Author

    Jason Matthews lives in Truckee California with his wife and daughters. His wife teaches mediation and manifesting, while Jason writes about metaphysical, spiritual experiences.

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    Jason Matthews lives in Truckee California with his wife and daughters. His wife teaches mediation and manifesting, while Jason writes about metaphysical, spiritual experiences.

    Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
    whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

  • How is it that Yoga is a spiritual exercise?

    Question by : How is it that Yoga is a spiritual exercise?
    What is the relationship between the person and God that involves Yoga exercise?

    Best answer:

    Answer by BabeHart
    When properly taught, yoga is a mind and body practice, not just some physical exercise…what spiritual gains a person gets from it, depends on the person and their own spirituality…

    At the least, it is a great (IMO) practice for becoming more relaxed, flexible, physcially toned, and centered within oneself…since I’m agnostic, I don’t relate it to any particular diety/dieties…

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  • Herbalism and Brewing Intro

    This is part one of a more advanced series of home brewing videos focused on bridging the gap between brewing recreationally and for more useful purposes such as natural health, healing and medicine. Specifically in this video I demonstrate how to make a tincture, which is a liquid concentrate containing the medicinal properties of an herb. This concentration technique can be used both for medicinal purposes and simply for adding flavor to a brew. References mentioned in the video: My website: Books Discussed in this video can be reviewed and purchased through using this address Mountain Rose Herbs: Using the links above ensures a commission is paid to this project to help with future videos. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor a medical professional of any kind. My views and practices should not be taken as medical advice, nor is it intended to be. You are responsible for your own health and your own actions, not me. Consult your medical professional before starting any treatment. If your medical professional is adverse to natural healing then that is easily resolved. Find another one.
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  • Out The Back Door

    Summer 2012 Update

    Spring Explosion

    I have been delighting in the early summer exploding color all over my back yard! For the first time I managed to plant my annuals early this year, over a month ago. Remembering the beautiful fuchsia baskets my mom used to have when I was growing up and the humming birds that used to visit them; I decided to give them a try this year. I chose a couple baskets until I decide if we are compatible.

    I was rewarded this morning with a scan out my kitchen window to see the delicate humming bird hovering over my fuchsia buds which are ready to bust open any day! Then it flew over to the clothes line for a rest under the patio between the basket and where I stood behind the window. After half a minute it took to the air and flew straight for me and stopped short hovering a few inches from the glass that separated us. I think it might have said something like, “You planted it and I came, so open up those buds, please”! : )

    We are seeing a few new bird species visiting our bird bath and seed house this year along with our regular visitors. It’s fascinating to observe wildlife when they are around on a regular basis to learn their habits. Love the “couples” that seem to stop by together for morning and early evening baths. Later in the summer we will begin to see them introducing their growing off- spring to our little oasis we offer them.

    Along with the birds we also have regular squirrels running their path through our yard. They are quite cute and amusing, until their wildlife ways infringe upon the taming of the garden! Several years ago we had the bright idea of putting out peanuts for them. It seemed a kind thing for us to do. Then I noticed that holes were appearing in my carefully weeded and tended garden as well as the potted plants. Yep, they were burying our offerings as their own personal stash. In lieu of losing the plants they disturbed in their efforts we decided to forgo the peanut smorgasbord. Even at that we discovered they were bringing nuts gathered from yonder yards to stash in ours.

    For the last couple seasons I have been sort of trying to keep them away from the more tender plants by planting larger stones around them to discourage digging around them. That helped a little but not enough. I added more hanging baskets for a place to plant seed starters which they are unable to get to. It helped that part anyway. Then I got serious and checked for solutions online. The best one I came up with that is a for sure is placing chicken wire cut to fit around the plants and there is no more problems with their digging bothering my plants. I have left some free space for their use and balance has been restored.

    Rearrange the Energy

    I think I have always been sensitive to “energy” in relation to the boundaries of my personal body space and an underlying instinct as to how it affects my subconscious need for balance. In later years it has become more apparent. Reading about it has validated it for me. Most common for me is when you are standing in front of someone and instinctively feel they are too close, where you feel compelled to take a step back. Some might refer to it as your “personal aura space.”

    Another situation is when you enter a room and look for a place to end up; some areas will feel more comfortable than others with relation to energy flow. For a simplified example, the middle of a room will feel more “congested” or “busier” energy wise, like the air is swirling but you can’t see it. As opposed to somewhere along the outer edge of the room where it is “calmer” and more comfortable. Sometimes it’s an unconscious feeling where deep inside you are affected either positively or adversely and you might not know why. (Feng Shui utilizes positive energy flow as its conceptual base for organizing the setup of a room with furniture and accessories).

    These are just a couple examples of more situations varying in degrees of subtleness.Clutter in and around your living space can also contribute to negative energy in your environment. You know that corner or kitchen table, chair, breakfast bar, closet, cupboard, drawer, etc., where something gets dropped there with an intent to come back to it sometime later? Then a few other things land there and days pass as we walk past it time and time again. Many times when passing by such clutter there seems to be an instant glaze of the eye that beholds it and the mind allows a blank spot just for that moment.

    My experience with this in relationship to the healthy energy I prefer to flow around me is that those small clutter areas are there and its presence does lower the positive with negative. It’s a tricky underhanded nag on your subconscious. There you are, approaching “dark area” innocently with a pleasant sunny spring in your step and you walk past unaware and suddenly “bam”. (Those dog whistles come to mind that no one else can hear.)

    A tendril of the “negative” has permeated a pore in the temple and oozed into the mind to immediately emit a small patch of black inky fog where the light and positive once helped propel the pleasant sunny spring in your step just an instant before. There will probably be a thought, as quick as a blink, thru your mind about cleaning or organizing that up, splattered with a nice sprinkle of guilt for not getting to it before. As quick as it came the thought is gone and suddenly you’re not feeling quite as light as you had when you were only aware of where you were heading before this welcomed glitch!

    Understanding how much keeping the clutter and piles under control can contribute to the health of the living space which can then create desire to make it so. It’s pretty easy to stay on top of it once there is a willful intention to keep up on it. Focusing on one area at a time can help take away the forest for the tree’s syndrome. Creating, and altering to suit your needs, the healthy positive energy in the place you live should be a pleasure in layers. Living in the moment with the willful intention of creating peace, calm and comfort in our private sanctuary; utilizing our own creativity while changing the aesthetics of our living space where it doesn’t feel “comfortable” and pleasing to our eyes.

    Perhaps it might be a chair that would you have had the choice you would never have allowed it into your space. Maybe it’s a picture that has hung on your wall forever and you never look at it anymore unless it’s to take a swipe at the dust on it. At the very least you could swap walls with another wall ornament and bring the pleasure it brought you in the first place back to your conscious mind. Get rid of them; donate, sell, or give away. (I am learning about “carbon footprints” and environmental impacts. In the past ignorance of the times, we would have taken a trip to the local dump with no guilt involved what-so-ever.)

    For catch all areas, first is to figure out if this area can be kept clear or not. If not, then perhaps utilizing some sort of attractive container (not expensive per se) might help keep it under control and at the same time contribute to aesthetics which will create the positive energy we are trying to raise up!

    We have an L shaped breakfast bar in our kitchen. In the very corner of the L, I had offered this area up to my husband, when we first moved in, to put his important smaller objects and paperwork for immediate attention. For years that small space was a silent niggle on the back of my brain. It was a space where my eyes glazed over whenever I glanced that way. It became an eyesore to me but to him it was “his space” and I had given it to him. : )

    One morning while enjoying my oatmeal and blueberries, my eyes locked onto that corner and I fully realize how much I really disliked that area and was ready to deal with it immediately. I envisioned something to allow it all to be contained but still accessible and tidy for his convenience. It would have to look good for our style as well.

    Inspired to make this happen I quickly added it to my mental list to watch out for this “special container” just for my needs and headed out to tackle my list of errands for that day. I saw plastic Rubbermaid drawer type things, lovely baskets, etc. Now I knew what I didn’t want.

    My last stop was Fred Meyer. (If I can’t find it at Target, Freddy’s is next!) I had enough time left for a leisure stroll thru housewares. After leaving the shower curtain aisle, I figured I was out of luck thinking housewares were finished. Never one to leave possibilities unturned when it comes to shopping, I poked my head around the next corner and discovered an aisle filled with import looking things with promise of treasure beckoning me forward.

    Right in the middle I discovered the coolest 2 drawer cabinet that was about 10 in high x 12 in wide that was made of wood with an old distressed finish. A ray of light descended from the warehouse ceiling and flooded the space of the only cabinet left on the shelf! I had to have it. To top the whole find off; it was on sale for $10 off that week. This bargain warrior woman raised her fists in a triumphant gesture of self-satisfaction! (Well, that’s how I felt on the inside anyway.)

    When I got home I easily put everything in it hubby had, in his small corner space, with room for a bit more. I politely told him that if he needed more space, it might be a good idea to transplant something to his office to make room for more. (O.K., that doesn’t happen often but he is open to help in that department. : )) It fits into the room so well and all negative has been replaced with pleasure and balance.

    Between closets, cupboards, open areas and everything in between; tackling the whole picture can be daunting. The trick, like so many other issues, is to do baby steps. One pile, one drawer, one closet, one entryway at a time. A few minutes at a time at least, until it’s done. Make it a contribution to your soul self, your home and your well-being as a whole. Allow yourself enjoyment of the process by living in the moment and achieving a goal, with self-satisfaction as the prize.


  • Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Liver & Gallbladder Cleanses

    Cleanse the liver and gallbladder by using milk thistle supplements and schisandra berries. Both supplements will aid in the healthy function of the liver and gallbladder. Visit an herbalist for more information on cleansing the liver and gallbladder with advice from a wellness educator and herbal medicine specialist in this free video on alternative medicine.

  • Healing Leukemia #9 ~ What I Do For Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck, Head, Jaw

    Today I talk about what I do to get the lymph moving in my head and relieve swollen lymph nodes of neck, jaw, head, behind ears, and in hair line. Also, leave the castor oil pack on for a minimum of an hour, forgot to say that. Appreciate any help; I am not able to work right now. Donate Here: I was diagnosed in April 2009 with CLL leukemia. I have chosen to heal and reverse this disease through natural methods. I have background experience in the medical field, working for 13 years in allergy & immunology. That foundation has helped me sort through all the information online in formulating my own healing plan and protocol. Several months ago I discovered Dr Morse’s youtube site and his philosophy was the piece of the puzzle I needed to bring success and structure to my self-treatments. Stay tuned for updates and information that I have learned. What has worked for me and what hasn’t. Please ask questions or share your information. Thank you for watching and have a Blessed & Beautiful Day!! Where I get my herbals: Referral by Laura Wright #2127873 (use for a Nature’s Sunshine order) Facebook Healing Support Group; Fans of Dr Morse ND Dr Robert Morse’s youtube channel:
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