Survival Doc on Apocalyptic Medicines Part 1

Survival Doc on Apocalyptic Medicines Part 1

Do you depend on prescription medications? What will you do if you are not able to get your drugs after a post-apocalyptic societal collapse? “Survival Doc” discusses this important yet often neglected preparedness topic.
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  1. pangeria12Oct 03, 2012

    what about diabetics child age 3 if shtf. She needs insulin shots???? Anything herbal?

  2. SpiritChil333Oct 03, 2012

    I am studying and learning about herbal remedies. also I have been purchasing herb seeds. I want to help others if this thing happens. The things I am learning are amazing. For instance Dandelion has amazing healing properties, but we mow it into our lawnmowers… Also garlic is amazing……………

  3. SubmissiontotheLordOct 03, 2012

    Hey man…I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but let me ask you – I suffer from seizures (I have a seizure disorder) and I take 4 pills a day for it. Should we not be able to get to prescription drugs have you read of any natural remedy for seizures that would be easily accessible or found in the wild (able for me to grow)?

  4. korfx04Oct 03, 2012

    I’m putting together of seed kit for home made meds, and i was researching natural pain killers and as you know the opium poppy contains morphine, codeine. Would this be a good thing to put into a seed kit

  5. tittigerOct 03, 2012

    It depends you might have some pancreas function let even if you are a type 1. Most likely if you are type 1 it was a doctor giving you a vaccine created the immune response that destroyed your pancreas. Or an antibiotic that created leaky gut and the same immune response.

  6. tittigerOct 03, 2012

    I think you are doing something wrong if you think you need Rockefeller pharmaceuticals.

  7. Aknot2099Oct 03, 2012

    What about during the non-winter seasons keep outside and in winter use a grow light? Or a grow light all year round?

  8. preppingforOct 03, 2012

    so ive been on insulin for 36 years, guess im just addicted

  9. DevorvanOct 03, 2012

    THC is still a drug though, hemp makes it during times of less light so it can absorb as much as it can and sedate bugs that try to eat it. But it definitely has a lot of medicinal uses for humans, including migraines. Your best way of taking it would be through extracting the oil out and swallowing a few drops through the day and night since it lasts for up to 6 hours instead of only up to 2 when inhaled.

  10. Twisted86Oct 03, 2012

    I am curious do you have a good book (if possible 1 book) that has Missouri Trees and Plants (with pictures or VERY detailed drawings)?

    I been looking around and not very much and I know you live in Missouri. Thank you.

  11. XxSUB4SUBMASTERxXOct 03, 2012

    werd you on doomsday prepers?

  12. thenewsurvivalistOct 03, 2012

    Marijuana is a wonderful herb that should never have been made illegal. The only reason it is illegal now is to keep the price high and to fill our prisons with slaves who have to work for 25 cents an hour. Most of the illegal drugs shipped into the US are shipped in by the CIA. The banks who control our govt make billions laundering drug money. They want it illegal because they are making billions. The reason we are in Afghanistan now is for the opium which is sold by the CIA.

  13. I3URGEROct 03, 2012

    so do you think marijuana is a drug or natural good herb? To be honest I get migraines (I was born with it) and even though the government says no you can’t its bad. I think it is a lot better to use then over the counter meds. Just my two cents. I have done research on it so I know what I’m talking about.

  14. BuckeyeSparkyOct 03, 2012

    Sorry to hear that but what kind of doctor prescribes medication without getting monthly blood test?

  15. MsCaseyLaneOct 03, 2012

    After nine months, I finally paid out of pocket and had my blood checked. I was highly deficient in magnesium, iron, B-12, B-6, and a few others. I started a good organice multivitamin and started feeling much better. People think I am crazy when I tell them that the doctor was trying to kill me because she didnt solve my issue but made it waorse and now I am dealing with complications from taking meds that I didnt need. I was right and she was WRONG!!

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