Healing Quest: Herbal Insight – Slippery Elm

Healing Quest: Herbal Insight – Slippery Elm

www.healingquest.tv Slippery Elm is an herb harvested from the inner bark of a certain type of elm tree. It is one of the few herbs sold in North America today that is still approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for medicinal benefit, including temporary relief from minor pain and irritation of the mouth and throat. It is found today in many over-the-counter products including lozenges and teas, which if taken for just a couple of days could mitigate the inflammatory expressions associated with colds and flu.
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  1. iwutubeOct 09, 2012

    Great video! What would you call that type of cup at 2:03 or where did you get it?

  2. CrowdPleezaOct 09, 2012

    I wanna get physical 😉

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