Aromatherapy Massage Techniques – Complete Series

Aromatherapy Massage Techniques – Complete Series http Our model, Tyne Roberts is available for professional engagements and can be contacted via the following link: We have combined our previous step-by-step Aromatherapy Massage Techniques into one video for convenience. **NOTE** There is no additional information in this video.

  1. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    Great – you should go for it!

  2. lycangoldOct 16, 2012

    Completely engrossing. Makes me want to research courses

  3. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    Glad you find it relaxing! I think people fall asleep due to relaxation and the ability to switch off and feel comfortable enough to nod off!

  4. drnh4444Oct 16, 2012

    3 times I’ve started to watch this and still haven’t managed to get past 8 mins before I nod off. Soooooo relaxing. Wonder why people fall asleep when being massaged? Any medical reason?

  5. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    Thank you!

  6. 321srbivojeOct 16, 2012

    long live Scotland,regards from Serbia!!!

  7. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    You’re so sweet! Scotland’s a great place to visit so I hope you manage a holiday here at some point (especially when the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is on every August). If the opportunities were there I’d love to spend some time working in USA every year and then visit more of Europe that I haven’t seen during my holidays. Need to win the lottery I think! 🙂

  8. SelenaDeltoroOct 16, 2012

    You are such a pretty girl and I absolutely love your accent. I have always wanted to visit Scotland. Have you ever wanted to live on another continent?

  9. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    So nice of you to say!

  10. drnh4444Oct 16, 2012

    Soooo relaxing to watch. I’ll tell you what Elaine its actually amazing how much knowledge you have, you really DO know your stuff. The main reason you stand out from the crowd of others on here. Always love your videos. Well done and keep em coming!

  11. timruataOct 16, 2012

    watching the video makes me sleepy…thanks for sharing……

  12. GodisangryOct 16, 2012

    by then she’s half asleep lol

  13. carlinecutieOct 16, 2012

    i see, thanks for the help. really appreciate it =)

  14. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    If you’re confident blending your oils (& qualified) then you can definitely use a variety of oils to create your own unique blends. Always research the potency, benefits and effects in case they affect medication, current conditions etc. Happy massaging 🙂

  15. carlinecutieOct 16, 2012

    can i also use volatile fragrant oils (like green tea or peppermint)? thanks! =)

  16. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    Awe that’s so nice of you 🙂 If you enjoy your work you’re halfway there & I bet you’ll put 100% into being an excellent therapist!

  17. vetterjenniferOct 16, 2012

    My favorite massage videos on youtube! =] I’m an aspiring therapeutic massage therapist, and I hope to one day be as skilled and knowledgeable as you!

  18. cphtnjOct 16, 2012

    The accent on this massage makes it sexier and more relaxing to the mind and body..

  19. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    You’ve raised a valid point as many therapists who massage for numerous hours on a daily basis can run into joint problems, repetitive strain, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. When you train you are given muscle strengthening exercises to do (many therapists will forget to do these when they are busy) and are advised to use stress balls and other techniques to build up strength in that area. It’s not unusual that your hands get sore, get your fiance to give you a hand massage back in return!

  20. GodisangryOct 16, 2012

    what kind of toll does working in massage take on your hands? I find that after about 20 minutes of giving a foot/back/neck massage to my fiance that my hands are sore and by no means do I have weak hands.

  21. sfservice75Oct 16, 2012

    Looks a little like Deborah Messing lying on the table. Very nice massage btw….looks very relaxing.

  22. cpel99Oct 16, 2012

    splendid! thank you

  23. homespabeautyexpertOct 16, 2012

    Nice of you to say!

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