Herbal Maca Root : What Is Maca?

Herbal Maca Root : What Is Maca?

Maca is an herb plant that grows in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru, and it is used to promote energy, support strength and act as an aphrodisiac. Understand the other uses of maca root with health information from a practicing herbalist in this free video on natural remedies.
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  2. Natalya SOct 23, 2012

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  4. Ameerz14Oct 23, 2012

    maca is making me a testosterone beast! BOOM TIME TO GO THE GYM!!! IM ABOUT TO MACA RAGE!!!

  5. Ameerz14Oct 23, 2012

    haha thats the maca talkin!

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  7. keeljjOct 23, 2012

    I took this for like 5 months as it said on the bottle and w no other pills,and I am healthy,this altered my menstrual periods and made me a bit anxious during the day,the only thing I can say it did p***itevely is help me to sleep like a baby.i think is ti be taken like once a week.

  8. WoofsplOct 23, 2012

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  9. lucylew1286Oct 23, 2012

    Can maca cause bloating? My stomach is full of air and I am gassy. I was told that taking more than 525 mg a day is too much for me by an herbalist so I just take one 525 mg capsule a day.

  10. lexiegrl147Oct 23, 2012

    So if I take this, does it make me thicker?

  11. lexiegrl147Oct 23, 2012

    @Vvsavers10 lol! She does have that voice, doesn’t she? 🙂

  12. LuvHealthNConceptionOct 23, 2012

    me too lol

  13. windex1234Oct 23, 2012

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  14. fucekivanOct 23, 2012

    no it is little cat / kitten on croatian

  15. MsSmokeyjayOct 23, 2012

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  16. footballmafia62Oct 23, 2012

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhherb, not urb

  17. RuhlaxBrahOct 23, 2012

    i think that if u incorporate leg exercises in your daily activity like squats and lunges and leg lifts it will promote the effects to your hips though 🙂

  18. RuhlaxBrahOct 23, 2012

    hey this maybe a late but oct2010 i started taking maca root (powder form) and believe it or not the VERY next day i could see a difference. my hips spread and my butt filled out. i thought maybe i was just bloated because prior to taking it i did a water fast the day before so that my body could take to it more? the results are phenomenal. i only took it for 3months bcuz that’s how long the supply lasted. people STILL compliment me on my lower body and i don’t even work out.

  19. vvsavers10Oct 23, 2012

    i want her to read me a bed time story 🙂

  20. kiaspiceyOct 23, 2012

    thanks for posting this powder has restored my health

  21. 420LeagueOct 23, 2012

    yoh1mbe or maca?

  22. MARIADRNOct 23, 2012


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