New Age Spirituality – Discussion

New Age Spirituality – Discussion


A discussion of the New Age spirituality philosophy that “all religions are One”–that they may differ from one another on the surface, but underneath, the worlds variety of faiths are like different colors of one big Holy Rainbow: they all come from the same ray of sacred sunlight before being broken into their respective colors. OUTLINE: – quotes & excerpts from New Age literature – my reasons for being a bit hesitant to criticize this philosophy – why I’m going to criticize it anyway, – the five different approaches that New Age theologians and philosophers use to defend the “all religions are One” approach, and why I believe that none of these approaches can hold up to scrutiny. This is a video adaptation from material in “Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer.”
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  1. Fallin5tarOct 30, 2012

    *applause* absolutely beautiful. i cried when he read that. i can see the love they both share and i give them my love and full respect to have the courage to bring´╗┐ forth their love for each other to us. *raises glass* and heres to the eternity of love in the afterlife as well. all my love as well. ­čÖé

  2. arsjaad poeseOct 30, 2012

    New Age Occult is Satanic. Because incoherence is chaos and satanic symbology is chaotic. But some things are actually beneficial, we just need to filter out´╗┐ with scientific methods what is actually beneficial and wotnot. Sometimes people must exchange older beliefs with new beliefs to grow in understanding.

  3. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    > New´╗┐ Age is´╗┐ tolerant nice
    True–it may be philosophically incoherent, but at least it’s tolerant and nice!

  4. arsjaad poeseOct 30, 2012

    New Age is tolerant´╗┐ nice hahaha.

  5. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    Sorry to always take so´╗┐ long to get back to you (been crazy busy at work). I’ll check out Ken Wilber … thanks.

  6. winstono75Oct 30, 2012

    By spirit (God) I mean the unmanifest timeless energy that is the source of everything. It contains the physical universe, but it also exists independently of it. Spirit was complete before the creation of the physical universe, but in this specific´╗┐ universe spirit unfolds, evolves, from matter to various complexities of life.

  7. winstono75Oct 30, 2012

    The physical universe has a beginning, God as spirit does not.

    When you say things exist without a why, you are talking metaphysics. Scientists believe in no values because they can’t discover values.´╗┐ But we should recognize when scientists make claims that go outside their area of knowledge.

  8. winstono75Oct 30, 2012

    By authentic spiritual experience I mean an encounter with an energy not found in ordinary life, an opening up´╗┐ to a larger dimension. Or really, I am still talking about the mystical experience.

    Scientists make claims about the existence of God based on the Big Bang theory. I believe Stephen Hawking just made some such claims. If God is everything there is, of course he was the cause of the Big Bang. God is spirit, and the physical universe is just one manifestation of this spirit

  9. winstono75Oct 30, 2012

    A mystical experience may well happen to an atheist. I’m not sure if your friend has had what I consider a mystical experience, as that is an experience of the oneness of all things NOW. I am not referring to specific mystics, but to the description of their common understandings given by Ken Wilber. I recommend Ken Wilber, as he brings´╗┐ together intellect and spirit in dealing with these issues.

  10. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    7 of 7:
    > spirit unfolds through evolution

    I don’t know what you mean by´╗┐ “spirit” or “unfolds.” When a theist mentions “spirit,” I have an idea of what kind of Supernatural Being they’re talking about. When my “spiritual” atheist friend talks about spirituality, I know he’s just using religious language in an attempt to capture the awe & wonder he has when taking in our unspeakably beautiful but utterly indifferent universe. But I confess ignorance to what you mean by “spirit.”

  11. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    6 of 7:
    > There is no way to scientifically learn the why’s of the universe.

    Maybe there’s NO “why”! Maybe the energy/hydrogen just existed without a “why”: maybe there is no great Supernatural Spirit out there, and life is just something that can evolve in very rare circumstances, and “intelligent´╗┐ life” is something that evolves under even rarer circumstances.

  12. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    5 of 7:
    > The Big Bang theory is fine, but the Big Bang is obviously not a cause in itself.

    As far as I know, science doesn’t make any claims about “knowing” the details on how or why the energy/hydrogen´╗┐ that made up the Big Bang existed. Science can only explain what happened. Do you believe “God” was the cause of the Big Bang? If not, did “He” (for lack of a better pronoun) exist independently of the Big Bang? Develop from it?

  13. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    4 of 7:
    > I am only pointing out that the origins of religions lie in authentic spiritual experiences, which have been massively distorted into the´╗┐ religious teachings.

    I don’t know what you mean by an authentic spiritual experience.

  14. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    3 of 7:
    I hope I don’t sound rude or challenging–it’s just that my own research is lacking in this area, so I have to ask: “Which specific mystics are you referring to? Do you find that multiple mystics agree with each other on specific beliefs?” The only “mystic” I’ve read in depth is Sri Ramakrishna, and he had very specific religious beliefs about God´╗┐ creating specific religions in different areas to address people’s different needs.

  15. Todd GatesOct 30, 2012

    2 of 7:
    > I’m talking about the experience of God, described by mystics.
    “Mystics” may converge on a certain sensation of awe and´╗┐ wonder, but you can also be a hardcore atheist and have that same experience. One of my atheist science friends is a star-gazing astronomy enthusiast and he talks about the deep spirituality of the universe and the “oneness” of All Things at the time of the Big Bang, but he has zero belief in any supernatural forces.

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