Dara’s TONIC /COFfEE SUBSTITUTE! no sugar :)

medicinal tonic: gynostemma tea/jing herbs, cacao/essential living foods, 1 t ground vanilla/earthshiftproducts, nutmeg, 1 t chaga/jingherbs, pinch cayenne, 1 t he shou wu/jingherbs, 1 t pearl powder/jingherbs, 1 t mucuna, 2 dropper sweet leaf stevia brand vanilla creme,2 T lucuma/ not sure where i got it 😉 and 1 T maca/ essential living foods
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21 thoughts on “Dara’s TONIC /COFfEE SUBSTITUTE! no sugar :)

  1. I made a very similar tonic this morning but used yerba matte tea (only steeped for about 3 minutes) and a hazelnut flavored stevia and added a dolop of coconut oil for the creaminess…very yummy; thanks Dara

  2. This seems like an opportunity to expand your business. Since there are so many ingredients in this – it would be great to be able to get a packet of the powdered/dry ingredients in a packet or canister to mix- if you’re into that. Cant wait to try since it seems so many people are raving about it.

  3. You can get the Gynostemma tea from iherb.com for less than $8 and if you use code: DOG777 you can get $5 off your first order.

  4. Hey Dara, im thinking about trying these tonic recipes. but i have a question. Instead of coconut oil or Hemp seeds is there another way of making it creamy. i just dont want the fat. I hope you can help 🙂

  5. You are so generous to share these recipes, Dara.
    I’d love to try this and see how I feel.

  6. HaHAHA! I love your response to the blender overflow and love that it was left in the video.

    I am starting with just Maca, Cocoa and Lucama but I have a trip to whole foods in the near future and I cant wait to stop up on some new foods.

  7. Dara, I’m so super excited! I received all of the ingredients in the post today and just made the “tonic.” Oh my – this is some serious yumminess. Thank you for your brilliance beautiful Dara!! <3

  8. I gearing up to do tonics. I need to let go of the coffee. i have this horrible get on & off coffee syndrome.
    I would love a tour of what you keep in your kitchen as far as all these small bottled goodies you come up with.
    You are feeding me totally. Would love to meet you some day.

  9. good idea. start small. until you gather.
    i am doing a dvd on tonics this week.

  10. I have to really try one of those tonics! They look very interesting.
    The idea to do a tonic with just a few things to start will probably how I will have to do it until I can get some of the mushrooms and stuff. 🙂

  11. Just found your channel! This looks wonderful! I think it will help me so much through Washington DC’s winter months! Excellent video to follow along–loved the tip on coconut oil and hep seeds making it creamier too!

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