Paw Paw-From Discovery to Clinical Trials

Paw Paw-From Discovery to Clinical Trials

Dr. Jerry McLaughlin presents a lecture on his life’s work- finding things in plants that fight cancer. Here he traces the history of the annonaceous acetogenins found in the Asimina triloba and other species of the plant family. His lecture was given 31 October 2003 in Columbus, Ohio. Later, he received the Tyler Prize for his work from the American Society of Pharmacogosy, the plant medicine research group that co-publishes The Journal of Natural Products with the American Chemical Society. This work is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to give medical advice. Should you be from a country that does not allow this kind of presentation, please do not watch this video. Paw Paw extract is not a cure for cancer or any other disease. The paw paw extract that he describes can be purchased as a dietary supplement in many countries. One source on line for it can be It is not sold as a medicine or a treatment for diseases.

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  1. would have help us see how big it is if u had compared it with something like a coin or a match stick or anything…… not good!!!!!!!!!!

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