9 thoughts on “Kriya Yoga: Conscious Living and Superconscious Meditation

  1. I appreciate Mr. Davis so much. He speaks with wisdom and his life shows that he has walked the path he speaks about. Thank-you for these videos.

  2. We practice yoga in order to awaken to Self- and God-realization. It can be useful to live to be older and wiser in order to fulfill our purposes and experience complete liberation of consciousness. We are immortal spiritual beings, not confined to a physical body or material incarnation. This year Mr. Davis celebrates his 80th year on the planet, and we are better for his time with us.

  3. I have read Eugene’s book entitled “As I knew him…” I recommend this to anyone. He speaks clearly and simply. At the end of the book there is a question and answer series. He answers each question really well (again with clarity). I wish there were more youtubes on his speeches, etc.

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