Wild Geranium with jim mcdonald

Wild Geranium with jim mcdonald

In this video, herbalist jim mcdonald talks about the medicinal use of the herb wild geranium, also known as cranesbill

  1. naturalmama33Dec 01, 2012

    thanks for getting this on video! I feel like I was there! This was very digestible information. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. HerbTVDec 01, 2012

    Much too biter to be edible.

  3. xxDogsoldierxxDec 01, 2012

    Is this plant edible if cooked?

  4. herbmanableDec 01, 2012

    Great video, Jim. You have an excellent way of explaining herbal topics. Thanks!

  5. mothball1972Dec 01, 2012

    Very good! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

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