What are the benefits of spiritual fasting?

Question by Punk: What are the benefits of spiritual fasting?
What are the spiritual benefits of fasting?
How does it purify your soul?

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Answer by tywiena
i’m not a religious person so i dont fast and i dont support fasting since living without water does not make any sense.people say that it makes your stomach rest but eating in the middle of the night before another fasting day and sleeping afterwards is obviously unhealthy.

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  1. Spiritual fasting does not purify the soul. What it does is make you closer to God. The idea is to spend the time you are faster in prayer and meditation. The self-denial is a way to remind you of your purpose and sincerity. God calls on his children to fast and pray.

    Fasting is not going without water either. In most forms of fasting, whether for health or spirituality, it is a denial on a level. You may fast by denying yourself treats for a week, or you may fast by denying yourself all but water for 24 hours. I have a friend who does a fast every year for lent. She fasts by eliminating all sweets during that time. She still eats and drinks at regular meals. The idea is to deny herself to show her sincerity to Christ and her faith.

    Jordan Reuben talks about fasting in his book. “The Great Physician’s RX to Health and Wellness” is a good one. You can find more info about fasting there. He suggests a weekly water fast (in other words, nothing but water for 24 hours 1 day each week). When you do that, you make your evening meal the last thing you eat until the next evening meal. Whether for spirituality or not, a weekly fast really does make you feel good.

  2. Many a benefit it may be. Maybe it validates to one’s self the depth of one’s blind faith. There are those that lash themselves until they bleed. There are those that don’t speak for long periods of time. Maybe if we’re busy doing this stuff, we will be distracted from thinking and questioning. I’ll tell you the answer when I find out who “I Am”. Probably never will. Fasting can detox (everybody knows that). If creation of a living being is spiritual, then fasting may facilitate that process by making a person skinny and pretty and desirable.

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