Raja Yoga Meditation Technique – Sr Jayanti

Raja Yoga Meditation Technique – Sr Jayanti BK Jayanti is the European director of the Brahma Kumaris and for 40 years been an emissary for peace with a vision and experience that is global and deeply spiritual. Sister Jayanti has the unique ability to impart the deepest thoughts and truth with utmost clarity She has traveled extensively to more than 100 countries as a sought after speaker and broadcaster. Her prominent lectures include health, religions of the world, education, racial harmony, sustainability, and many more.

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28 thoughts on “Raja Yoga Meditation Technique – Sr Jayanti

  1. We are the creator of our thoughts. Its up to us if we want to create thoughts of hapiness or sorrow i.e up to us how we look at a situation. Yes waste thoughts and unessary thoughts might come, let them come, but this is where meditation plays a crucial role. As with positive elevated thoughts, all other waste and negative thoughts will melt away. Check out Sister shivani video where this is explained in depth bro,

  2. when i say “red apple”……when i say “white horse”….. your able to get that image within no time… when I constantly say “not to think about horse” your mind pushes u to think about horse…. the same way when u “dont want” to think about it… ur mind will think about it ….but when i say “not to think about horse’….try to change the image of horse in your mind to a white tea cup…. then u will not think about white horse for a while…..

  3. We are not the creator of our own thoughts. My mind is constantly being bombarde with thoughts that I dint want. Try to get rid of them.? Impossible. Thoughs are not ME. They intrude on me I ahve no option they come and i dont want them to come. She should go beyond this. This is all abour HER.

  4. Hi Michelle, I am glad this meditation help to relax you. Our loved ones in spirit are never to far away, just a thought away. This type of meditation can with some open they spirit to percieve those who have crossed over. It good you had a little dear, never forgotten <3

  5. Jordan Lindsey said it perfectly. I’m a new subscriber because of this video. This refreshed me during my lunch hour. And this is strange but i think i heard my deceased fathers voice talking to me. I cried a little.
    Thank you.

  6. Thats great, I am so gad this video resonates with you 🙂

    Take care L&L Shep 🙂

  7. I’m experiencing the vibrational state as I type this up. Awhile back, I commented on how effective this video seems to be for me. Among all those that I’ve seen/listened to, I have yet to come across a more effective spiritual guide than yourself. I do indeed feel restored, almost rejuvenated. As you say yourself, much love and light my friend.

  8. Your most welcome, the warmth is a sign that you are getting spiritual healing. Glad you feel a bit better it helps 🙂

    L&L Shep 🙂

  9. I felt my whole body slowly heating up throughout the meditation…also saw a little spark of light in front of my crown chakra; it’s amazing, I feel a little better now. Thank you Shep for your soothing voice!

  10. Thank you! I am really glad this video is helping you, each person is drawn to what serves them best. Have you tried my sleep meditations I have 3?

  11. This is my favorite meditation. I use the rooting and grounding portion a lot and feel the difference in my sleep and healing! Bright blessings to you!

  12. Thank you… yes I send love and light to you… yes it is always best to protect. Shep

  13. Be careful who you allow in your space. Tricksters/liars can fool you if not prepared. God’s Divine Love and protection is important. It is far greater and more powerful and much stronger than anything. And the same lives within. We are spiritual warriors! Mighty, loving angels of unconditional love around us too! I affirm this!

  14. As for bad infuences, I think it is important to everday surround ones self in the white light of God’s Love and Protection to keep us safe from eveil and harm. It keeps you strong because all the pain or evil can not put a dent in God’s Love. If tried, you can slam evil down for no one or thing has a right to be in your space.

  15. Thank you. You do have a gentle voice that is soothing. The meditaion is simple yet powerful. I am definately needing balanced. My sacral chakra caused problems. Really need to get it balanced/cleansed. Pray you help with a booster. Thank you.

  16. Thank you dear friend for watching, I am so pleased the meditation helped you 🙂 <3 I try my best to channel love and healing to all, there are 37 other meditation videos. I am glad Micheal come to your aid with his love, thank you for sharing some of his light with me. Bless you! Shep 🙂

  17. thank you dear brother. 4 deaths in my family in the last 6 months…I’ve searched multiple guided meditations but yours is breathtaking. Archangel Michael sent his love and light into my soul and i want to share a fragment of this with you. Thank you for all that you do. you’ve brought me out of a 4 day funk. peace love light to you beautiful soul ((3))

  18. I am so pleased that this video is helping you, there is another not so different to this one in the playlist called…

    Guided Deep Chakra Aura Cleansing Spiritual Balancing & Healing Meditation

    You might like to try it sometime just to see if it also helps.

    Love & Light to you, Shep 🙂

  19. Doing this every morning for almost a month and the light is so assuring to a positive time. No matter what comes at a person. Your videos are truly a step to good healing.

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