Karmic Effects of Thoughts, Actions & Speech – Acharya Shree Yogeesh

siddhayatan.org Acharya Shree Yogeesh explains the different karmic effects of thoughts, actions and speech. He mainly focuses on Intention and Mental Activities as the primary ways to collect karma. ASHRAM EMAIL UPDATES siddhayatan.org (free spiritual email updates and training)

37 thoughts on “Karmic Effects of Thoughts, Actions & Speech – Acharya Shree Yogeesh

  1. I’m not clear on the difference between thoughts & activities.
    Are activities our unconscious thoughts?

  2. addition to my last comment. according to what i read if you do a chanting practise you will see results after about 4 months. But then after years you will get the real big and powerful results and you will be able to create peace at any moment with one chant.

  3. i used chanting myself.  I chanted ‘Amitabha’ for several years. Then now when i chant it is much much easier to drop obsessions with the mind. I am sure there are other practises too.

  4. mayb nobody in the whole world knows 4 sure…dont worry about death 2 much or the beginning for that matter.. there is no inescapable cirlcle 

  5. DEGREE OF THOUGHT can lead to Degree of Action so , wait for the Fruit to Fall.. Or suffer consequences , adam eve and the rest

  6. He is talking about a little fish that sees a whale not eating 1000’s other little fish. The little fish sees then and thinks “the whale is so stupid for not eating them all”, This will cause the little fish to gain lots of bad karma even in it’s short life

  7. He lost me for a little while with the lice, rice and fish around 6:00 – 7:00, but I suppose there was a lesson in there somewhere. That before and after was good as usual.

  8. Thanks so much for these videos. They have helped me so much in expanding my understanding of spirituality. I was wondering:

    If a person collects bad karma in this life, they might be born again as a drug addict, a criminal, or another unfortunate form. Wouldn’t this mean that that person will be born again in more unfortunate lives in an inescapable circle?

  9. What King DAVID said in the Bible is correct,
    ‘Better an Open Ennemi, than a Secret Friend” so that it was a right statement, originally, however since there is a lot of water under the bridge, nowdays it is what we individually think & do that counts, the intention counts.
    Thus both statements or concepts are correct.

  10. Transcending duality with hightened awareness. Good and bad seeing the true nature of both as one. And seeing best friend in worst enemy. Then activity dissolves.

  11. I’m a little confused. Could you please clarify on “activities”? Are they not just thoughts that you keep alive in your mind by thinking about them continuously?

  12. Hearing the divine voice of my favorite singer Maharajapuram Santhanam singing this song takes me to another world.

  13. Excellent video, I’m not much familier about the carnatic music, but when this voice and the lyrics… gave me a really wonderful experience. My friend will you please tell me the singer’s name?

  14. greatly sung,the man is singing with a pure heart & devotion.love it.some of the devotion enters the aspirant.

  15. Mr Shanthanam?Many site uses this song but i wonlder if there any showing his face?Thanks

  16. i posted mine.I am not a singer but try to sing to bringout my bathroom singing to the world.

  17. ohm nama shivaya this song is mind blowing you cant forget it its so mezmerizing. OHM NAMAH SHIVAYA

  18. Great post. I became hooked on this song when hearing it in the presence of Sadhguru! I have the only version of the song that I could find from Maharajapuram Santhanam, but it is a different verson of this one. Could you possibly send me this version? Thanks!

    Peace & Love!
    Isha Meditator,

  19. Namaste,

    Thanks for the beautiful vedio. Could you please send me the MP3 of the song as well as the name of the person who sang it?

    Namaste again

  20. Whoa! Dude! Holy Crap! errrr……sorry.. I mean, Om Namah Shiva — sometimes I am so blown away by the power of his name that I lose all integrity.. Wow, Shiva.. Shiva. Shambo! I am so grateful to know shiva as Shambo! I am so grateful to know shiva as Shankara. I am so grateful to know that one thousand and eight forms of consciousness await me as I pursue the lord through devotion. Oh, I know nothing of Mantras. Oh, I know nothing of Knowledge nor Discipline my lord. I bow to you, Lord Siva

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