Grounding & Centering Meditation

Grounding & Centering Meditation, guided by spiritual channel William Yensen. Designed to be listened to while seated in a chair, back straight, feet flat on the floor. Original Music by Frequency 21 OM To book a personal session with William, or learn more about transformational energy healing, visit
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31 thoughts on “Grounding & Centering Meditation


  2. This is a very powerful Video. I’m going to commit myself to learning how to tap into my super-conscious, and will give you feed back in the coming weeks. 😉

  3. Yes, I agree. Chanting a mantra can definitely help bring positive thoughts and increase vibrations. But I looked at it as this:….just try this meditation right now in this moment….not necessarily as the be all end all…..

    Thanks for posting this! I look forward to #2…

  4. But do you not need a megaconversion supertransmitter conductor magnet in order to be able to phace through the dense shielding of the source´s outer layer so that you can connect on all levels as above so below up and down left???

  5. I am so shocked

    I Meditate every day, in some how sleep posiotion, but i had a problem and I feelt some thing and a started to cross my legs and hold my hands like explained in the video wile meditade bevor sleeping(not siting) know im shocked becuase i had this meditatiom posiotion without seeing this video. know thats just something makes me happy
    (the picture of my profile is a mask with the message I Help those who are in problems but I dont wana be known Privat-life as “Allknower”

  6. Through your personal desires (intention of experience), what you experience on physical, mental, astral, and etheric levels is given set form. Basically, you anchor the appearance of what are otherwise formless realms with what you believe in.

    This is why people “believe where they are going”, but they don’t understand where they are really going to, since they have forgotten during their incarnatory period exactly what these “higher” realms are.

  7. Of course there is no “super” consciousness. Calling it “super” is merely labeling qualities of consciousness that common humans do not bother to access, or are unaware of when they are using it.

  8. Incorrect. Consciousness and reality are inexorably tied together. Think not that, and look into the space behind matter’s vibration instead.

  9. I truly enjoy this and it open’s my Chakras very well. Particularly my Crowning Chakra for some reason. The most vivid Violets I’ve ever seen. And my Golden rays are quite strong and illuminating during this instructions. Thank you for this wonderful video. Namaste my friend. 🙂

  10. Wow, that’s amazing Gloria! We appreciate your comment and wish you continued success on your meditation practice

  11. Daniya grace you will beat the cancer. Just believe that, if you believe you can do anything. Research the placebo effect and the power of the concious mind over the reality we belive to be real. You will be fine

  12. This was wonderful. I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. Thank you very much. 🙂

  13. Since you mentioned cancer….maybe you can check out cannabis oil, soursop/soursop leaves, papaya, and pawpaw. What type of cancer do you have and for how long? Maybe I can help you out.

  14. Good Luck, Please if it works can you respond. It is very interesting as I believe this can be done. My thoughts are with you. Much love and peace to everyone.

  15. You might want to check out “Spirit Science 21~ Toroidal Flow.” I don’t know how to make a link (sorry), but it’s on YouTube. Skip to 4 minutes and 21 seconds to get to the point. I hope you find this information useful.

  16. Brahman(God,Allahu) is only one creator of everything,all feelings,Brahman need not any shape and to be on place like other spirits becauseBrahman creates all and Brahman is not in anyhuman.Spirits can not do anything and can not feel if Brahman dont want We must think so that all times Brahman create and is creating everyfeelings all time think so but dont repeat a word in mind but you may repeat with tongue Allahu.This is for salvation.All Messenger of Allahu knows truth

  17. there is a woman(asian i think(so you can find it easier) ) who cured cancer in 1 year by just being happy all day every day, good luck i will pray for you!

  18. Thank you for this powerful meditation. This was the perfect meditation to open my chakras, I feel completely grounded and light.


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