The Rocking-Horse Winner by DH Lawrence

The Rocking-Horse Winner by DH Lawrence

The Rocking-Horse Winner by DH Lawrence
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  1. Mabd1202Mar 07, 2013

    I wish you had finish the whole story becasue I am now reading this story for my English Class and it is a bit long and english is my second language.. I love audibooks;) Thanks lot though, it was very helpful listening you read the story. Are you a teacher?

  2. ByAqaoMar 07, 2013

    OMG ME TOO. XD thats why im watching it at 10:00 at night and i have an essay on it due tomorrow. XD

  3. MoeMonkey78Mar 07, 2013

    haha thanks, I forgot my textbook in class 🙂

  4. medavidhartMar 07, 2013

    Good luck your class!

  5. pumpkinsrule425Mar 07, 2013

    could you help me understand this poem better? i’m not sure what it is about

  6. pumpkinsrule425Mar 07, 2013

    what does this poem exactly mean? i am having trouble understanding the meaning of it

  7. PoetryETrainMar 07, 2013

    Thank you GhostWatching, added to a playlist…

  8. greenkng420Mar 07, 2013

    This is one of my most favorite DH Lawrence poems in addition to “Ship of Death”. In regards to this video, does anyone what what the background music is? Thanks!

  9. ondesmartenot3Mar 07, 2013

    what is the song you used for this video?
    its so sweet and serene

  10. eratorayMar 07, 2013


  11. AgaLoveMJMar 07, 2013


  12. andrewnorris1Mar 07, 2013

    Tremendous reading, really, your voice perfectly suited to the sentiments of this remarkable poem. Fav + 5 invisible *

  13. marriverrockMar 08, 2013

    So breathtaking, so beautiful! You blow me away with the enchanting beauty of your videos, and the poems by D.H. Lawrence. Thank you so much for this lovely gift.

    Amor y Paz, Marlene

  14. LaFlacsMar 08, 2013

    i always luv your stuff!! so deep and soulful, makes you ponder existence..

  15. minxy123ableMar 08, 2013

    Thank you ! You always seem to have items of interest to the soul, just how do you do that ?!

  16. jsidiropoulouMar 08, 2013

    Bloody D H Lawrence – hated us Ilkestonians – only lived a few miles from us but could see our town from his hometown of Eastwood and slagged it off in his poems! A DH Lawrence poem should be read in an East Midlands dialect in my opinion.

  17. JoGurlzStuffMar 08, 2013


  18. AgaLoveMJMar 08, 2013


  19. kenneththorpeMar 08, 2013

    Hey Ghost Watching. i always love your stuff. Thank You. I have a book of D.H Lawrence Poetry my favorite is titled Self Pity

  20. NeferkitMar 08, 2013


  21. misscarolinecMar 08, 2013

    I have tears in my eyes.. but for beauty, beauty of words and great images 🙂

    Thank you

  22. Nigel FortuneMar 08, 2013

    Beautiful poem, beautiful pictures!

  23. propjam2Mar 08, 2013

    that was awsome

  24. MosaicMaidenMar 08, 2013


  25. VisionGhostPoetMar 08, 2013

    Oh yes and the Nescafe commercials, well he certainly did this justice. Where did you get these from?

  26. GhostWatchingMar 08, 2013

    Thankyou. Its read by the actor Anthony Head who some might remember from Buffy and the vampire slayer.

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