Ralph Waldo Emerson – Trust Thyself (2011)

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Trust Thyself (2011)

New version of my old video of the same name. All quotes comes from Self-Reliance. Music and pictures are not owned by anybody this time, so there will not b…
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  1. sam latifApr 14, 2013


  2. PlayForMeASymphonyApr 14, 2013

    I love Emerson love your channel  Thank you for this extraordinary post

  3. Gil Bar-OnApr 14, 2013

    Much Better ! Superve!
    Thank you! 🙂

  4. GOPLATINUM10Apr 14, 2013

    Who is PB? Napoleon Hill recommended me Self-Reliance. My thoughts about me have never been the same after reading Emerson’s writings.

  5. kderulesApr 14, 2013

    Yes I remember PB recommending reading that. It’s probably online somewhere, I will have a look. Thanks.

  6. ajhandeApr 14, 2013

    You really need to read “Self-Reliance”, it will blow you away. It won’t take a person long before realising that RWE was a great sage, as it is obvious that he is talking from his own experiences of his own soul. PB is much indebted to him. RWE is of course a beautiful writer as well, one of the greatest — an a poet of note.

  7. kderulesApr 14, 2013

    Excellent quotes and lovely pictures. I have never read Emerson but I can see why PB liked him.

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