Guided Spiritual Development Workshop Meditation Class – How to Meditate with Spirit Guides & Angels

Guided Spiritual Development Workshop Meditation Class – How to Meditate with Spirit Guides & Angels

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Very simple en clear explaination about meditation with helpfull animations In this video the following subjects are adressed: * Cosmic Energy * Meditaion * …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. LittleMissCukiApr 20, 2013

    from what i learned you have to watch it with demons, angels and your gardian will never send you negative energy, rememnber that you have full control of your body and of your feelings also imagine a white light all around you when you get this feeling whilte is holy and pushes negativity away its what i have learned I dont know much but just know that you have full control of your self and that your angels will never send you negativevity watch out for demons :/ ……. know the difference

  2. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    Your most welcome! :)

  3. Steve LongApr 20, 2013

    great informational video many thanks

  4. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    I have 45 guided meditations on my channel of all kinds for those wishing to develop 🙂

  5. FreakeeButtonApr 20, 2013

    Thank you very much for the instructions on meditation. I have been trying to meditate, but have not been having much success. This was a very detailed description of what should be happening. I can’t wait to try 🙂

  6. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    Well you could try to shut your chakras down. I have a daily protecting and grounding meditation if you feel that might help.

  7. cardboardtanksApr 20, 2013

    turned happily atheist because of the damn thing mind you. it happened from meditation…

  8. cardboardtanksApr 20, 2013

    ‘god’ is sending and giving unwanted, harmful divine energies that dont feel good or right and i just want this bloody thing to go away. please, anything?

  9. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    Your most welcome and thank you for watching! L&L Shep 🙂

  10. NDAclick1Apr 20, 2013

    thx you

  11. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    Your welcome! Yes funny how they help us find the right thing at the right time sometimes 🙂

  12. rennrizzApr 20, 2013

    I think my guide guided me here! Thank you very much for this info. 😀

  13. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    Ty, I am glad this workshop was to your liking 🙂 I have spent allot of time with spiritualists and a kind sole offer to pay for me to go to Stansted many years ago, but I could not accept at that time. Keep up the good work! L&L Shep

  14. 8Mosadogg8Apr 20, 2013

    Your teaching here is very vivid and clear and it is easy to hold the attention when you speak. I am familiar with meditation and have been doing readings since 1974 but you can always learn something new or get confirmations and be reminded about what you already know. I loved being reminded of the atmosphere in Stansted at Arthur Findlay College

  15. Neil CooperApr 20, 2013

    hi no idea what shak ti pa means. I cannot reccomend anyone unfortuantly, sorry about that, as for myself at this time, I only teach via my videos and website.

  16. Roth88ewApr 20, 2013

    Namistee, Thanks for the guidance, do u know what shak ti pa is? I’ve been doing guided meditation for two years now I’m looking for a master to guide me my Masters spirit moved on and I’m feeling more and more lost I need help is there any recommendashions u have?

  17. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    Your most welcome!

    L&L Shep :)

  18. xdotxdotxdotxApr 21, 2013

    Thank you so much 🙂


  19. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    You are most welcome… this is as far as I wished to take it for the time being. L&L Shep 🙂

  20. MrCraigary123Apr 21, 2013

    Thanks for this

  21. bronbaderosApr 21, 2013

    What this video says to meditate according to number of years is untrue. It was said to prevent some sort of something.

  22. Suzi WassanApr 21, 2013

    Great tour

  23. AtaturkistanApr 21, 2013

    3:50 or voices of demon entities

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