Guided Deep Chakra Aura Cleansing Spiritual Balancing & Healing Meditation

Guided Deep Chakra Aura Cleansing Spiritual Balancing & Healing Meditation

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  1. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    Your most welcome 🙂

  2. TheJtbullUWApr 21, 2013

    Thank you so much

  3. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    Hi Chris, your most welcome, it opens up the mind and spirit within to a whole new dimension of realisation and truth. Thanks for watching 🙂

  4. Chris MccannApr 21, 2013

    Thank you so much Neil cooper for that, really getting in to this stuff Now, amazing experience.

    Chris McCann

  5. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    Si hay subtítulos en español en este vídeo, haga clic en la casilla de gey con dos líneas que le impone el video, y luego seleccione Transscribe Transcripción españoles.

  6. OMamaliaApr 21, 2013

    En español

  7. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    I am really glad to hear you are getting stronger, well done! Keep it up 🙂 Thank you I am only too glad to help 😀 L&L Shep

  8. Patrick eApr 21, 2013

    thank you for your videos, they have nearly cured my ocd and anxiety disorder..
    I watch them everyday to try and start off the right way. your a blessing.

  9. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    Hi you are most welcome, I am from the UK England… L&L Shep 🙂

  10. Gabrielle ZudoraApr 21, 2013

    Thank You. Where are you from? Namaste.

  11. PatvDApr 21, 2013

    Thanks, I will check it out.

  12. Neil CooperApr 21, 2013

    That’s wonderful, intive american guides most like and maybe they wish you try try another of my meditations on a native american theme.

    Search this meditation when you feel relaxed.
    Guided Vision Quest to Meet Spirit Guides Meditation

    L&L Shep 🙂

  13. PatvDApr 22, 2013

    Two wolves appeared during the meditation and they were sort of leading me somewhere. I wasn’t even focussing on any type of spirit guide, so this caught me off guard when I came back.

  14. Neil CooperApr 22, 2013

    Your most welcome! Cleansing is a good first step 🙂

  15. Anelalani HaywoodApr 22, 2013

    This helped me so much as I’m just starting out on my awakened journey <3 Thank you so much.

  16. Neil CooperApr 22, 2013

    Your most welcome 🙂

  17. MONSTER HEARTApr 22, 2013

    Thank you so much for this!!!!!

  18. Neil CooperApr 22, 2013

    Your welcome! 🙂

  19. peter leggApr 22, 2013

    thanks again shep,,,,

  20. Kathy ChaseApr 22, 2013

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Neil CooperApr 22, 2013

    You you did the one I recommended already, try this one.

    How to Correctly Protect Open & Close Spiritual Abilities & Awareness

  22. Neil CooperApr 22, 2013

    Try this one then…

    Spiritual Gatekeepers & Spirit Guide Protectors 

  23. Kathy ChaseApr 22, 2013

    i did this one yesturday :)

  24. Neil CooperApr 22, 2013

    With some people yes it is, watch this video first and comment then I will recommend another…

    Spiritual Grounding Protection & Stilling the Mind Meditation Workshop

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