Ralph Waldo Emerson – The sense of Being

Ralph Waldo Emerson – The sense of Being

Words of wisdom from America’s great sage Ralph Waldo Emerson, taken from “Self-Reliance.
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  1. Ettenyl56Apr 29, 2013

    This is truly a visual meditation. I feel so calmed and relaxed, reflective and ecstatic; contemplating Emerson’s poetry, soothed by Faure’s Requiem, tantalized with powerful imagery. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ettenyl56Apr 29, 2013

    I’m left without adequate words to describe how uplifted and inspired I feel watching this video.

  3. friebenderApr 29, 2013

    i searched after emmerson and found him im not from US ;D

  4. ugotpimpApr 29, 2013


    suggestion: dont use yellow letters if half the background is of sunrises and sunsets.

  5. 2boysandmissyApr 29, 2013

    absolutly Beautiful! Thanks for making and posting it!

  6. hangemhigh2000Apr 29, 2013

    God was his teacher. Emerson had the keys to GODS heart.

  7. TedDGPoulosApr 29, 2013

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  8. TheGlass50Apr 29, 2013

    This is so wonderful..This is how I want to live. I’m disconnecting from materialism, social and luxury stratification. I feel a deeper sense of connectedness with nature and my fellow humans due in part to my exposure to Emerson and Thoreau..I sincerely thank you for posting this and it was an excellent music choice…Thanx!

  9. addyr100Apr 29, 2013

    transcendentalism is anti american because it is anti reason

  10. Yuri SarkApr 29, 2013

    excellent. difficult to read in some parts—contrast etc..

  11. Ashiman12Apr 29, 2013

    Yes, the ideas of Transcendentalism, as expounded by Emerson, Thoreau, and later by Whitman, spring from and reflect the brighter side of the American spirit, but their profundity expends beyond our nation’s borders.

  12. ajhandeApr 29, 2013

    Gabriel Faure´s “Requiem”. A piece well worth buying. Sheer beauty.

  13. mayaadobeApr 29, 2013

    where and who is this music from ? Its very beautiful

  14. ajhandeApr 30, 2013

    Thanks for you kind words, my friend. Great to hear about how the landscape of the two great men still has the power to inspire the American people of today. The more I think about Emerson, the more I important I realize he is to all you good people and to your great nation. His words of wisdom may help to save us once again.

  15. Colin MackenzieApr 30, 2013

    I’ve always thought transcendentalism has a distinctly American appeal. Or maybe it’s more an American flavor — as it was essentially ‘cooked’ here.
    As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, I’ve always felt some special sort of connection, particularly with Thorough, but secondly with Emerson. Seeing the same landscape and nature which inspired them, in turn, inspires me (in addition to my natural wonder at nature). Anyway, rambling now, yes, great video. Thanks. – A Fan

  16. madiwodo7Apr 30, 2013

    Also thanks from the Netherlands,and for the beautifull essential message in this video.

  17. jurrienrietveldApr 30, 2013

    Not true, greetings from Holland 😉

  18. mickindannyApr 30, 2013

    He was a spiritual Master; read The Gospel Of Emerson!

  19. ajhandeApr 30, 2013

    The strange thing about these videos is that they almost solely are being watched by people in the USA. It thus appears as if RWE to a large extent is forgotten in the rest of the world. I do, however, feel that he is of great importance to your great nation to this very day – perhaps even more important than most of us may realize.

  20. PhilosophicalVikingApr 30, 2013

    It is a pity that something as beautiful as this is not watched as much as it should. Of course most of the herd has never read Emerson anyway. Thank you for such an absolutely profound video.

  21. dlpine71Apr 30, 2013

    actually, this is ajhande’s video. i’m glad you both enjoyed!!

  22. weeyin1155Apr 30, 2013

    Thank you to david for sharing your beautiful video! Many bright stars and hugs..Jan and Susan.x

  23. bigeeezyApr 30, 2013

    lovely. Thanks Dipine for introduction

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