14 thoughts on “Guided Crystal Healing Meditation Journey

  1. I am really glad you held on, be strong my friend have courage, things will get better in time to come, you will overcome this and be happy and strong again, keep on persevering for you self and family <3 L&L Neil

  2. well you may not like titles but i considered ending my life last night and you helped more then you could ever know.

  3. Thanks, each must find their own path and beliefs in life and each is free to except reject or hold what I say 🙂 I do not really like titles other than I am a Shepherd tending my little flock 🙂

  4. mr. cooper you are the definition of a lightworker. i had to chuckle i was reading a comment by some poor misguided probably american nut [no judgement mind you} lol who got on your case about talking about peter citadel and how you were spreading satanistic hate. you know coop the only place i have ever felt an overwhelming creepy demonic presence was in a church. these people better wake up. i love your reply as you said to him politely “thank you i will take that into consideration”

  5. Oh no man you’re not an ordinary guy you’ve got plenty to share.. thank you. My daughter use to fall asleep to an with meditation you had. It was the first time we ever saw the moon was going down and people where going to sleep to it

  6. No never heard of him. Yes I remember those old Tv shows back in the day. Songs jog memories and each person can relate to many songs for different reason. Me I just an ordinary guy with a little to share 🙂

  7. But it’s always about those games without frontiers war without tears. Tell me why I don’t like Mondays? Lol Did you ever read any sitchin or van daniken growing up. Aldous huxley was brilliant or a brilliant visionary.. I run a closed secret group called fringe thinkers on Facebook and I posted 1958 interview with him and everybody’s jaw just dropped at how accurate he was. Its a brave new world Mr Cooper

  8. Wow. How profound Thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s not often I get to talk to a celebrity.. especially on a lazy boring Sunday morning in the Pacific Northwest. Lol do u think lemuria and atlantis had television or radio in the height of their civilizations? Or something like that? The UK is always intrigued me. I grew up watching reruns over here of this 1970s show called The Tomorrow People… Did you ever catch it back in the day over there?

  9. Yes that was SHEENA EASTON “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Well I would say it is a message to say, what you see feel hear it private just for you as other’s either cannot see or understand the same as you do.

  10. My son and i were listening a couple years back to devil woman by cliff richard for like a week non stop. To make a long story short this black female cat with green eyes showed up on our doorstep outta nowhere. And she’s been a very special pet to us every since. Eerie in a cool way. Todd rundgrens stuff makes me feel that connection with the songs too. Like the other 2 i mentioned before this

  11. I have this song stuck in my head called for your eyes only
    It was in the james bond movie same name. Roger moore starred in that one but. I cant remember who sings it. That and help me by joni mitchell i feel like i know them both from a parrellel universe. Wierd huh? Lol

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