GREGORIAN CHANT-RELAXATION MEDITATION-Haunting spiritual emotional soothing human voice

Relax with the wonderfully haunting, meditative sound of Gregorian chant. Let the healing sound of the human voice chanting Gregorian Chant spiritually sooth…
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24 thoughts on “GREGORIAN CHANT-RELAXATION MEDITATION-Haunting spiritual emotional soothing human voice

  1. Thank you, this is one of the chants that was often performed in our family church by Jesuit priests.Never in my lifetime did I think that I would hear it again, I left home in 1972 so that is how long it has been.

  2. damn this feels just like being at the bank on a conference call

  3. Dominus misericordia! Nimis pulchra!! Vestibulum ut magis tibi?

  4. this is so pretty. thank you for sharing. here, have another subscriber (me).

  5. Thank you for supporting my videos. Yes I am on Facebook. My user name is johnnielawsonvisualartist

  6. Would have been better without the water sound effects. Kind of distracting. 

  7. Thank you for this beautiful and great listening!
    This song “Gregorian” is a real healing for the mind!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Best regards. Beatrice

  8. Indeed very beautiful but not gregorian chant! This is Renaissance music in Polyphony singing a fragment of beginning of Roman Catholic Mass in Latin/ Greek… Agnus Dei and Kyrie

  9. I love this…. the visuals are wonderful…
    as a Catholic of course I would like it…. 🙂 make more please

  10. First time I’ve viewed on 1080p. What a difference. The music deserves it.

  11. This is not exactly gregorian chant, but plain-chant.
    Gregorian chant is only one vocal score, sung by one or many person (no octava).

    However, this piece is beautiful also, and the adequation with your video is very good ! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    I guess you may appreciate Monteverdi too, or Carpentier’s “office des tenebres”.

    Kind regards, M.

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