Spiritual Reality ( Meditation ) Part 2 of 4

Spiritual Reality ( Meditation ) Part 2 of 4

Very simple en clear explaination about meditation with helpfull animations In this video the following subjects are adressed: * Cosmic Energy * Meditaion * …
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  1. bronbaderosMay 23, 2013

    ¿Qué dice este vídeo a meditar de acuerdo al número de años que no es cierto. se dijo para evitar algún tipo de algo.

    What this video says to meditate according to number of years is untrue. it was said to prevent some sort of something.

  2. singhrana11May 23, 2013

    very very good ..

  3. Roy KuriakoseMay 23, 2013

    thats from india

  4. Ruizhongtai QiMay 23, 2013

    nice video. but i am wondering who made this? the voice doesn’t sound like an american or european.

  5. djspinallMay 23, 2013

    so? ^^

  6. Katrina ChevalierMay 23, 2013

    poor audio…

  7. MrSathya9876May 23, 2013

    wonderful video

  8. sangeeta963May 23, 2013

    The only thing is since energy of the Prana or life force or Kundt need a guru . But even Jesus had a guru , the ultimate Guru is Shiva but to introduce you to your inner guru a Self realized guru is needed, Read Autobiography of a Yogi . Your body forms a natural pyramid if one is sitting in a lotus or half lotus position .None of our Self realized masters sat in or under a pyramid , so , not having access to one need not be a reason to not meditate .

  9. steelgilaMay 23, 2013

    I take it Pyramid faces are oriented with cardinal directions? Not the corners per se?

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