Meditation A Way To Spirituality

Meditation A Way To Spirituality

Do you know the meaning of spirituality? What is a spiritual person? A spiritual person is who cares about people, animals and even planets. He knows that all are one and he consciously attempts to honour this oneness. He has the benevolent approach and kind heart and strives for the well-being of humanity. Meditation is a path which takes you to spirituality.

When one talks about meditation, it seems something very spiritual, devoting and which cannot be practiced easily, but it is wrong. Meditation is nothing but mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the conditioned, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or self-awareness. Regular practice of meditation can develop an empowered mind in many ways, such as building patience, relaxation, observation, perception, concentration and focus. It brings changes to your mind and body for the purpose of self-benefit, such as helping you to lose weight, quit smoking, and reduce stress and even depression. Beyond all those physical health benefits, meditation can even make you more receptive and sensitive. It makes us spiritual, helps to develop relationship with god.

Though it is difficult to describe what being spiritual is, it is a different state for every individual. However, it is an ineffable state of being connected with that which surrounds us. This feeling goes beyond self, generally brings the person aware of his pettiness before something great and powerful. In other words we can also say that, man is mere puppet in the hands of destiny, god or some power which rules whole the universe.

It opposes man bout worrying and being concerned with the past and the future. While removing our connection with past and future, it increases the awareness of the present to such an extent that true and meaningful reflection can be attained.

In this way, meditation results in enhanced spirituality that is beneficial to the individual. It provides peace of mind, an exhilarating experience of joy, inspiration, security and even guidance. There are number of benefits of spirituality.

• It makes you have peace of mind

• It gives the feel of being safe and secure

• It develops self-confidence

• It develops the ability to give and receive absolute love

• It provides you with desired guidance at the time of need

It is a proven fact that people experiencing spirituality have better health, suffer less from mental problems such as stress, depression, hypertension and indecision. Even at the difficult times, they are able to have positive feelings and better approach to overcome from that situation. If you want to experience this, visit at and experience spirituality. provides retreats and seminars, podcast, TV show, counseling and speaking services on effective meditation work out. For more information visit:

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