Guided Healing to Help Quit Smoking Drugs Drinking Alcohol Stop Addictions Spiritual Meditation

Guided Healing to Help Quit Smoking Drugs Drinking Alcohol Stop Addictions Spiritual Meditation

Guided Healing to Help Quit Smoking Drugs Drinking Alcohol Stop Addictions Spiritual Meditation

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  1. Andriy PoltavaJun 22, 2013

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  2. Dr henry BurnsJun 22, 2013

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  3. Michaels SmithJun 22, 2013

    ive been abusing drugs such as spice and triple cs alchol, etc for awhile now and i feel like im losing mom told me she had a dream that a deamon was chasing me and almost caught mom is a very spiritual person and when she told me about her dream o know maybe it was a sign to stop. i really dont know how to quit these addictions right now though but im guna give your videos a try..thank you!

  4. Neil CooperJun 22, 2013

    Weldone Dave!!! That’s great news 🙂

  5. Dave JJun 22, 2013

    Fully quit! Thanks Shep!! 🙂

  6. Neil CooperJun 22, 2013

    your most welcome! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  7. 0108mouseJun 22, 2013

    yes well done thank you!!

  8. Neil CooperJun 22, 2013

    Well done dear friend, you know you can do it with determination, stay strong! You can do it! <3

  9. TheGamerApocalypseJun 22, 2013

    complete mental immersion into your technique helped sate that light headed agitation you get from whithdrawls. Im almost a pack a day, been smoking for 4 years. This is my frist day without having one (going cold turkey) and this video helped a lot! I’ll keep it up throughout my journey and with any luck, ill never puff another cancer stick again.


  10. Neil CooperJun 22, 2013

    Yes it is hard to stop. Dave if you can keep it down to two to three a day then that is not to bad at your age. The thing is if you enjoy it and you do not want to give it up, then maybe a little of what you like is not always so bad. You will know when your ready to give up, you will find you no longer wish to smoke and have total determination to quit.

  11. Dave JJun 22, 2013

    I wish I never started smoking. I don’t smoke a pack a day, maybe 1 or 3 cigs a day but I’m trying to stop for my girlfriend. I know I should stop but I do enjoy it. It hasnt been easy but im trying and this helps. Thanks Shep! 🙂

  12. Neil CooperJun 23, 2013

    Your welcome! Well done, I myself am giving up right now, not smoked for 10 days now. I am going to a free non smoking clinic, they have mre on nicotin patches and a pufer and it all going well. Mind I find I have the determintion this time as well. Good luck! L&L Shep 🙂

  13. NightSlave2008Jun 23, 2013

    Thank you for posting a meditation on this subject, Shep. I have been trying to quit smoking for tears and the closest I’ve come is dropping down to 1/4 of a pack a day. This is bound to be helpful. Thank you so much.

  14. Neil CooperJun 23, 2013

    Thank you for watching… be strong! Love & Light Shep 🙂

  15. cazqabJun 23, 2013

    Very helpful , thank’s

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