Q&A: What are the best herbs to plant?

Q&A: What are the best herbs to plant?

Question by Lexi: What are the best herbs to plant?
I have a little herb garden with basil, cilantro, sage, dill, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley. Any other ideas?

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  1. Frank the Detroit limo manJul 18, 2013

    Don’t waste time with things you don’t use. Go though the cook books or recipes you use and plant anything that you use. Fresher is better. Except for GARLIC. Any garlic is good garlic. My quote “TO MUCH GARLIC IS ALMOST ENOUGH”.

  2. Cotton TableclothJul 18, 2013

    Lemon grass makes a great tea.

  3. pregnantwithheartburnJul 18, 2013

    parsley is the most easiest plant to grow (it will re-seed it self and grow big & lush

  4. amhark101Jul 18, 2013

    mint for lamb and cocktails (Cuba Libre)
    Tarragon (great for fish and Chicken)
    Chervil (Great for fish)
    Bay- soups stews casseroles and grows into a nice looking bush
    Vietnamese mint (asian food)
    Coriander- fish and asian food

  5. cosmosclaraJul 18, 2013

    Different types of parsley (curly, Italian…), other types of basil (i.e., lemon basil…). Lavender.

  6. jombojollyJul 18, 2013

    It depends upon two things: what are your growing conditions (light source; Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and soil condition), and what is your desire for herbs? [Do you want them for culinary/cooking, for wreaths/crafts, for medicinal purposes, for insecticides, for aroma or flower coloration?]
    Example, if you have dry soil in a sunny area, you’ll want to plant “Mediterranean Herbs”. If you want a good cooking herb, try more unusual herbs like Stevia or Chocolate Mint
    If you want herbs for crafts, check out “Everlasting Herbs.”
    Good medicinal herbs are Yarrow – a great coagulant, and Costmary – an anti-Cancer plant. Chamomile (either German or English) are wonderful to have around for teas to de-stress you. Two great herbs for insecticides are Tansy – a pungent flea and ant repellent, and pennyroyal – dry it & stuff animals stitched collars to deter fleas naturally (amells like mint). DO NOT TOUCH THESE PLANTS HOWEVER IF YOU ARE PREGNANT or nursing. Tansy can make you ill and penny royal was eaten in the Middle Ages as an abortion medicine but many died from this approach.

    Do some reading on the subject. I have English roots and really appreciate the Lesley Bremness books on Herbs. Great photos and beautifully laid out.

    Good Luck!

  7. elizahJul 18, 2013

    Grow what you love. Experiment.I grow many herbs cause they smell good(don’t forget to hug your herbs-ha) or cause I like the way they look, not just because they taste good.

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