Q&A: Home rememdies for stress relief?

Q&A: Home rememdies for stress relief?

Question by Bubbas mommy: Home rememdies for stress relief?
St. Johns Wort just isnt cutting it anymore for me. Anyone have any good “home remedies” for stress and anxiety. I hate being on prescription drugs.

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Answer by Izzy
Jose Cuervo

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  1. Zoe CarterJul 21, 2013

    Keep a Diary, I suffer from depression and a shrink told me keeping a diary to let everything out into was the best thing to do. I didnt think it would, but it helped!

  2. mintoJul 21, 2013

    I read an article in a magazine (which would’ve been much more helpful when I was doing a stress project for school) and it had some great tips.

    *Drop everything and organize. Sometimes piles of papers can be a little annoying.
    *Dance it out.
    *Do some yoga. The one in the magazine was:
    1.) Lay on your back.
    2.) Put your feet a foot apart.
    3.) Pull up your knees, kinda like when you would do a sit up.
    4.) Put your hands together with your thumbs sticking out.
    5.) Put your thumbs between your eyes.
    6.) Close your eyes.
    7.) Breathe deeply.
    *Stretch a little bit, put your feet out infront of your and reach for them.
    *Listen to relaxing music.

    Here’s a link to a video (it’s 30 minutes long though) with meditation/relaxing music:

    Hope I helped.

  3. EmmaJul 21, 2013

    The principle of aromatherapy, as chronicled over thousands of years, lists hundreds of practical uses, as supplements for bath, massage, medicines and essential scents. How ever, another most important aspect of any aromatherapy compound is its quality to reduce emotional stress and strain. Various forms of aromatherapy compounds have been concocted for use in alleviating pain and emotional stress. Although aromatherapy should not be considered a miracle cure for serious emotional issues, the use of essential oils may assist, sometimes greatly, with particular emotional issues. Additionally, the proper use of essential oils and balms may enhance your emotional demeanor and provide support and help balance your erratic emotions during the day. The use of essential oils for emotional well-being (or stress) is what is often first visualized of when you think of the term “aromatherapy.”

    Aromatherapy Stress Relief – http://www.aromatherapy-blends.net/aromatherapy-stress-reliefs.htm

  4. jcalikusuJul 21, 2013

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    Thank you.

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