Meeting your Spirit Guide(s) – Guided Meditation

Meeting your Spirit Guide(s) – Guided Meditation

A meditation like this helped me to connect with my spirit guides. Those who are looking for the connection I hope this helps you to meet your guide(s) or at…

  1. organicheartOct 07, 2013

    Look up animal´╗┐ totem – deer ­čÖé

  2. organicheartOct 07, 2013

    I would recommend looking at animal totem´╗┐ meanings.

  3. Earl GreyOct 07, 2013

    Intriguing. I briefly saw a deer head with raindrops on it’s face and it swinging its head side to side. I believe it was´╗┐ a female deer as well as I don’t remember any antlers.

  4. Earl GreyOct 07, 2013

    Bad´╗┐ breath?

  5. AaronDoombringerOct 07, 2013

    My path was a worn cobblestone path along a couple meadows, sheep were in´╗┐ a flock and a small farmhouse was alongside the path. The path led up to a tall thick forest with vines draping down and strange noises from within. The golden tunnel went under two bushes, and the gate opened to a gorgeous garden sitting at the base of a solemn old castle. A regal lion was waiting there patiently. He roared. Many other animals were there too, like rabbits, deer, goats, geese and swans. What did that mean?

  6. Hailey AmaneOct 07, 2013

    I was walking in a forest. Bright yellow and red leaves scattered around.There were stones on the path, leading me to a tunnel. I walked further in, I saw the silver gate. It was too bright for me to look in it, however I was able to open it. I walked in slowly as the light faded.. The first thing I saw was a Coyote. He was staring at me. He was a reddish color with some back.. I walked up to him and felt his pelt. a few minutes later he trotted´╗┐ away into the forest.. Everything faded away

  7. jackxlewisOct 07, 2013

    A fish followed me up a stream to the gate and waited for me to enter, although I wanted to enter, deep down I didn’t feel ready but It was like i was´╗┐ in a bright room. Softly my grandfather was holding me, no words where exchanged, just a deep feeling of love, it was great, and my first real experience! Thank you so much for this.

  8. organicheartOct 07, 2013

    Julle, what a joy you have given me, loved reading your experience. Thank you so much for sharing. ´╗┐

  9. JulleHimselfOct 07, 2013

    Meditation is the best thing ever. Like being reborn´╗┐ or something ­čÖé

  10. magictullio2002Oct 07, 2013

    We arrived at a carved standing stone and as I started to read the strange words inscribed on it .. a door opens up through the standing stone .. There I find a diamond-replica of myself …. seating and wayting… I blended with´╗┐ this replica … and we were ready to return in 3D. What a lovely gift thanks

  11. magictullio2002Oct 07, 2013

    The wise man told me not to move and to integrate this energy because it will serve me for my next mission .. A golden book flys in our hands …. I started to read it , all immersed in the sound of mantras sung by the wise man .. when we´╗┐ find ourself inside the book … in a forest ..

  12. magictullio2002Oct 07, 2013

    ´╗┐ I saw the Goddess of Liberty cleansing us with the flame of her torch … The wise protected me from the flame of The Goddess … She also gives to me a necklace with two crystals: one was laying on my heart the other on my thymos gland.. then I saw a third one on my 3 eye, a pendant of a little golden crown .

  13. magictullio2002Oct 08, 2013

    There , there was an old character Merlin type (white hair and long white beard) and was smiling .. he was waiting for me …He invites me to meditate with him .. I do sit between his legs (full lotus yogi position) . I started to feel his heart beating behind my back so my heart´╗┐ started to follow his one, They were beating together and causing a great light around us …

  14. magictullio2002Oct 08, 2013

    I found myself in a narrow valley … and at the end of a ravine .. full of light and deep ..very deep..I could not see the end of it…when I saw a rope ladder … So I got off the cliff .. down.. down.. down .. until I´╗┐ find a cave in the rock.

  15. organicheartOct 08, 2013

    Thank you so´╗┐ much! I just started my website the other day, so not much on it but you can find the link to it by going to my profile page here on youtube as it wont allow me to post direct link here in a comment.. Thank you for the feedback, thank you for the hugs and your positive connection!!

  16. Quick2000Oct 08, 2013

    Love this so much! Very Greatful! Much Love to YOU! Would love to know the person behind the Voice, do you have a website? Never felt this´╗┐ good and this Peaceful ever, Hugs!

  17. ReneWyourSpaceOct 08, 2013

    I keep getting to the gate but nobody opens it. They come up to look at me and walk away… It’s been´╗┐ everyone but my spirit guide. Including a giraffe!

  18. Triveni satyanarayanaOct 08, 2013

    pictures are awesome! thanks

    with my free android app “meditation for dummies” by lokesh , i also relax a lot´╗┐ daily

  19. organicheartOct 08, 2013

    Yes it is quite normal. I would not worry about the temperature too much, I have encountered plenty of beings that may seem ‘cold’ but there is nothing to worry about.´╗┐ Enjoy your spiritual experience.

  20. Babygirl16457Oct 08, 2013

    Not to scare you but if the sensation is cold it is low frequency vibes not good. But is it is warm that is a good sign that means higher frequency energy . I got the info from good sources on here. Look up Kelli in the raw. She is so natural with her abilities. A funny and warm person. ´╗┐

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