Q&A: Have you ever had Reiki healing and what was your experience?

Q&A: Have you ever had Reiki healing and what was your experience?

Question by Perdie: Have you ever had Reiki healing and what was your experience?
Did you feel ‘healed’? Im so hurt and lost right now I could really use a helping hand:-(

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Answer by William T
I really hope that you get the help you need, but it sounds to me like you need counseling, not a quack remedy. I live in Japan where Reiki comes from and it’s widely known to be a scam by everyone here.

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  1. daveOct 09, 2013

    It sounds like you need help and advice, not to get ripped off by someone pretending to do things with your ‘energy’.

    Scammers prey on people who are feeling vulnerable, don’t let yourself become a victim.

  2. lizOct 09, 2013

    ihad rieki done to me about a month ago i too feel lost and continuoslyworring about health issues for no reason but it affects my day to day life profoundly i must say it did help alittle it made my troubles feel alittle lighter try it it can/t hurt and it just might help

  3. RyodenOct 09, 2013

    Like many other quack remedies the only effect it can have (other than keeping you from seeking proper medical advice) is that of a placebo.

    Placebo: A prescription with no pharmacological activity given to a patient to humor or satisfy the desire for medical treatment.

    You may feel slightly better from the placebo effect as it’s known but generally these effects are temporary (if they occur at all) so what you need to ask yourself is “Do I want to spend £xx on someone paying me personal attention for 20-30 minutes in an attempt to make me feel a little better.”

    I have experienced a number of treatments ranging from acupuncture to Chirpractic and all of them have singularly failed to cure any of my ills, all they managed to achieve was lightening my pocket. However I do understand that many people who are desperate, feel that normal medicine has failed them may turn to these people, but at the end of the day they are just preying on your desperation and milking you for money.

  4. wishnuwelltooOct 09, 2013

    I have not had this done. I did read about it on the internet. My concern would be how would you find someone who had an honest and sincere gift verses someone just trying to rip you off. I wonder if you could find a support group in your area that might give you some comfort and support during this time. Sometimes medical doctors know people you can talk to, sometimes people from your church can give you a shoulder to cry on. I have dogs, and they get me through some bad times. Dogs are very healing. I hope you get through this bad time and find someone who can give you comfort. Maybe someone from work has been through what you are going through and can help you. Peace be with you.

  5. old cat ladyOct 09, 2013

    Reiki can aide in healing of a lot of issues. It’s not a one-shot deal – it’s more a way of life than a cure-all.

    You can get a level I Reiki attunement from the masters on the Yahoo group Reiki_On. Order a CD from the International House of Reiki “Reiki Tenohira” and follow it to do daily self treatments yourself.

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