13 thoughts on “Invisible Healing – Reiki

  1. If you believe in something you’ll see it, so we can choose to see reiki or see otherwise. It’s a good practice for people who know of its mysterious capabilities. Peace and love 3

  2. Pain relief and blood pressure are part of the mental state too though. Hence why people look away if they get an injection or stress making peoples blood pressure rise. I don’t like you saying things like ‘well known fact’ or ‘proven by medical science’ if you’re not going to provide evidence from reliable sources. I think reiki is lovely but ‘reiki can heal physical as well as mental illness’ is a massively broad statement.

  3. Usui Sensei taught that his Reiki system was a spiritual healing practice. He also said that Reiki can heal physical as well as mental illness.
    The greatest benefit is to bring balance to body, mind, spirit (homeostasis) In doing so, it assists the body in healing itself. It is a well known fact, proven by medical science that Reiki can lower blood pressure, relieve pain and speed recovery from an illness or surgery. I never tell anyone that Reiki can cure anything. It’s all about balance.

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  5. Anyone who tells you that you’ll be ‘cured’ by Reiki and similar things are lying. Spiritual healing is for that exactly – your spirit. It’s there to give you strength of mind so you’re better abled at dealing with ailments of the body. I think Reiki can help mental illnesses in the sense that it can be grounding but it can no way cure it. Anyone trying to sell you that is just after your buck, not your well being.

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