How can i keep my skin beautiful?is there anyway to keep it healthy without any acne on it?

How can i keep my skin beautiful?is there anyway to keep it healthy without any acne on it?

Question by my sacred self: How can i keep my skin beautiful?is there anyway to keep it healthy without any acne on it?
I’ve visited a doctor too she gave me some cream and capsule..but it doesn’t work completely …..i wanna keep my skin beautiful naturally without any make up or drug…is there any special mask or plant drug ?or any other way ?
do u have any suggestion about it?
tell me please

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Answer by daniel doll face
use spot cream, drink plenty of water, don’t do solvents, excercise, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat things like chocolate in excess, don’t use makeup, wash face regularly.

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  1. Daisy IndigoOct 26, 2013

    There are other treatments, if what your doctor has tried so far is not working you should go back, there are more things that you can try.

    Also, if you are just seeing your family doctor, you might ask her to refer you to a dermatologist.

    Acne is curable these days.
    Good Luck!

  2. 150by317Oct 26, 2013

    You have to realize that everyone’s skin is different. Your skin may not be able to handle things that someone else’s skin can.

    You have to learn your skin and figure out what works for YOUR skin…


  3. karmakillsuOct 26, 2013

    wash your face!!!! don’t continually touch your face during the day.

  4. ♥xoxo Gossip Girl♥Oct 26, 2013

    um wash your face every day

  5. asiankOct 26, 2013

    Drink a lot of water, water only. Eat fruits, veggies, excersize
    make you look younger too.

  6. ManinthesackOct 26, 2013

    My advice is “Don’t go for SCAMS”

    # Do not buy ACNE E-BOOKS.Some web sites are promoting these e-book scams,because they get huge percentage of the purchases you make.So they get rich from the frustated situation of your mind.They are saying the same thing “Do not eat this”,”Do eat this”

    # Do not buy any pill for acne without prescription via internet.Actually most of them are like E-BOOKS

    # Do not buy “Herbal” products that say it is 100% or 90% or 65% or whatever.
    Because those proucts are not dermaticalogically tested.Most of the Asian producers make these junk stuff,saying that they can heal acne “naturally”.They are getting the advantage of the idea of “naturalization” in people’s minds.
    You must eat natural foods.It is not a matter.But Natural Skin products, say NO to them
    Can a patient with TB avoid taking medicine saying that medicine are synthatic ?

    # Do not over wash your face,it really make the situation worst.
    I know the feeling of the acne.Yes I know it very well.Everyone look at your face and say “Why don’t you keep your face cleaner “,”Wash face thoroughly”,
    So you come home and begin to hurt your skin.So the every action has reaction.Skin do to you the same.
    Please wash your skin two times of a day.(Morning and Evening)

    # Do not let your skin get dry.Dryness causes the scar creation,because it

    # Do not pop or chop your pimples

    # Do not use PEARL creams.In many Asian countries some “skin specialists(called by themselves)” recommend their customers to use PEARL creams.They don’t how the skin works.

    So finally I found my cure.

    Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Therapy System
    Now there is a new” or

    My advice is to use it for 6 weeks whatever happens to your acne
    If you are too sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide,avoid the Night Cream which has 2% Benzoyl Peroxide.
    Actually I didn’t use it at all.I only used the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions skin polishing acne cleanser.

    Now I am using DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser

    If you have less money,I’ll suggest you the,

    Neutrogena Oil Free acne wash (Foaming cleanser is the best)

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