When did you come to the realization that other people considered you “old”?

Question by ThisIsIt!: When did you come to the realization that other people considered you “old”?
I realize you don’t feel old, or think “old,” but at some point did you come to the conclusion that others, such as the medical community, or employers, or anyone for that matter thought of you as “old?”

I just turned 64. I realize that is young to some of you. But, in my former lifetime as an RN, I remember hearing such things as, “The elderly need to be especially careful when taking that medicine.” Or words to that effect. They were talking about people in their 60’s!

Sure, say it doesn’t matter. But, when did YOU feel you were considered elderly?
Addendum: I have a bone disorder that has left me with 62 fractures over the course of a dozen years. They’ve all healed thanks to some pretty major surgeries, but now I FEEL old. Natural degeneration at various joints has multiplied in other areas that had fractures. I’ve been through 8 major surgeries to my left hip and leg, a total knee replacement in the other leg, a pacemaker (thanks to my dad), depression, skin disorders, and so many other things I can’t remember right now. I need a cane to walk. I’ve used a walker from time to time after surgeries. Everything seems to hurt all the time too.
But it wasn’t until turning 64 that that word “old” had new meaning to me.

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Answer by AJS
I will be 50 years old this year and I have felt old and have been called old since work injury 5 years ago.

Went from being 100% active then to 25% active now. I am in constant pain and tried very hard to get help for it. There is no help now that I can aford so I suffer.

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  1. There are times that you are asked to fill out a form where your age or date of birth is required and the person reading it looks up and says “You don’t LOOK that OLD.”

  2. There was a time when people listened to what I had to say. I realized that I was getting “old” when the younger ones only listen to their peers and what you have to say doesn’t matter or is thought of as an “old person talking.” I’ve been to social gatherings where it wouldn’t bother anyone the least if all I did was sit in my chair and not say a thing. Being ignored or pushed in a corner is not fun. That is why I would rather be with ones my own age where everyone is accepted for who they are. I’m not saying that I don’t have friends that are young. I do, and they are wonderful…but, I have noticed this other behavior in different ones and different settings.

  3. Hi,

    I am going to be 70 this year and I feel as if I am around 50 – I know my memory is not as good as it used to be but when I went into the hardware store and was trying to find my “senior’s card’ to get a Discount the young whippersnapper said ‘don’t bother’ – the cheek of the young twerp but I like him!

    However I am still writing novels and doing home renovations like – adding a kitchen and a sun room under the house and I just finished replacing a weatherboard side of a neighbours house and lots of little jobs for her and I have a 60 sq metre shed to finish and I want to get back to my sculpturing in clay and also painting and photographing – I am primary care giver for my aging mother) – I have never been busier – and I think that keeps you ‘young’. plus of course I dabble in Yahoo answers (1 – 2 answers a day is now my limit).

    Unfortunately the worst side of getting older – is that others (especially the young) don’t see you as relevant.

    Oh yes I forgot to mention – this week my mother who has been living alone up till now (with help from me and others) is finally going into a home – not that she wants to but she is too frail to look after herself any longer and she is 99 years old.

    Stay young and prosper (even if it is only in the mind).

    regards Mike D


  4. One time my sister-in-law came to our house to ask to borrow money. While we were talking, she said something about my being elderly. (She was my husbands sister and maybe 8 to 10 years younger than him, he was 12 years younger than me)

    I said something like “I don’t feel elderly”, and she came back with “well you are whether you think so or not”. (Bitach!)

    Anyway, I didn’t know Stew had told her no, and I did lend her the money which of course now more than six years later and since the death of my husband has not paid any back.

    I was probably 69 at the time, 76 now and still more healthy and together than she. So I don’t really care how she or anyone else assesses me.

  5. Well, it is not an all or nothing thing. Some folks think I’m old, some don’t. I’m 76. I was 74 when we moved here, and the first time I saw a doctor here, getting established as a patient, I had my (younger) wife come in with me. At first, the (young) doctor talked primarily to her, and treated me like an old idiot. He definitely considered me “elderly”.

    Perhaps that was to be expected, but I’ve since changed doctors, as he proved to be inadequate in other ways.

  6. Three ways I guess-
    1.With store clerks,restaurant servers (and others) I went from hearing “Thank You ,Miss..” To (what seemed to be suddenly) “Thank You ,Ma’am “. What a heart dropper.

    2.Whenever I went to a new doctor,needed an appliance fixed etc. I started noticing that these people could not possibly be old enough to be doing this work. It looked like they were only 12 years old!! Felt like asking for IDs!

    3. And of course one day I looked in the mirror and was wondering who that old person in the mirror was….sigh.it was me.
    Some may be cliques–but happened for me it was not a joke!

    *** ThisIsIt!- I have to say your story humbles me.You are quite a winner in my book. For some reason in my life now..I understand the Velveteen rabbit”,like never before. God Bless you.

  7. I suppose there were a lot of clues. People started calling me Ma’am. The kids that worked at the local stores would carry my purchases out to my car.

    But, I really got it when my 41-year-old son called me one Saturday morning and announced he was at home Depot. They were having a sale on room sized air conditioners. “Now that you guys are really old, you need one. I’ll come put it in tomorrow.” He did. It was a week before my 65th birthday and a wonderful gift.

  8. I’ve felt ‘old’ since a boy of about 18 bumped into me on the street and said ‘Oh, sorry dear!’!!!! I was 52 years old! I felt like yelling ‘I was a punk rocker! I pogo’ed to The Clash and the Sex Pistols!’ Aaarghh!

    Thankfully, I got over it shortly after seeing a woman who was in my class at school when we were 16. Now she DID look old!!!! Ha!

  9. Many years ago, the kid at the counter gave me the senior discount without asking. I was 55…. LOL

  10. I’m 26 and feel somewhat old at times. A few centuries back, I would have been reaching the end of my life expectancy.

    Its all in your perspective. My great-grandpa was young until the day he died.

  11. The first time I look in the mirror and said “Mom?” I’d just got a permanent and realized that I look just my mother. That was frightening in a way. I’ve also been told to “move it, ya old broad” several times, but then I always think ‘just wait, your time is coming soon. Side effects of some medical problems have me feeling old now, and they will just get worse the older I get. So my youthful days are at an end.

  12. The day the waitress gave me the “SENIORS DISCOUNT”. I left her the difference on top of her tip, and went out to the parking lot and let the air out of her tires.

  13. I suddenly felt old when the cashier at the cinema said she didnt need to see my Seniors Card. “thats ok” she said.

    Few words but major milstone !

  14. I don’t feel I am old or elderly. . .just older. Of course, my daughter has been telling me that I was old ever since she’s been a little child. In my mind, I feel about myself like I did when I was 28. I think the first time I realized that I was older was when I walked into a video store and a group of young girls working there were staring at me. When I went to check out, one of the girls told me that she couldn’t stop staring at me because I looked exactly like her Mother. I felt a bit miffed because I didn’t think I was old enough to have a child that old. But once I got into my car and thought about it, I realized that I was. What a shocker!!

  15. The first time some little checkout clerk called me “Sweetie”. I bllinked and started laughing. So now they just call me crazy ole lady.

  16. One very hot day in the summer, I went thru the drive up lane at Taco Bell to get an iced tea. As I pulled up to the window to pay, the clerk, handing me the tea, said there’s no charge for seniors. whoa……..So what if my hair was turning rapidly gray?

  17. Lol~~When my “clients” started calling me Hon; and I love it.
    No, I don’t feel old and am older than you with medical issues
    also and I still work part time and it does not leave me feeling old;
    they know I have the answers; most all the time.

  18. when my neighbors, who I thought I had something in common with, mentioned that “my grandmother does that too”….uggg

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