11 thoughts on “How to Free Yourself of Negative Thoughts – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. This is fantastic wisdom and its resonance is going into my heart and my
    mind. Yes I realise I have the right to do what I need to do. And if I can
    still negative static, and get quiet and clear. And If I can keep it in
    mind, life will be better daily

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  3. What other say to you in argument etc, they are only reflect on how they
    feel. People aren’t that logical, like we pretend to be. We are emotional
    creatures. – but letting that pass, yea i get your point – it’s tricky and
    almost impossible in those circumstances.

  4. What he is saying is so true. Ever since I started working on myself a year
    ago I noticed that little nuggets of negative concerns would hit me out of
    nowhere. I would not listen to them. It literally be like a sentence
    passing through my subconscious. And 2-5 seconds later I absolutely FORGET
    what that little nugget was. I find myself trying to think about it and I
    can never remember what it “said.” It is such a good feeling.

  5. Love is the highest vibration and is the master healer. When your in the
    love you are with God.

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