The Book of Knowledge hands readers key to truth

The Book of Knowledge hands readers key to truth

GOLD COAST CITY, Australia (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

Author, motivational mentor and life coach Roman Harambura believes that human beings are capable of great things and that everything is possible. He attributes all of mankinds potential to one gift in particular imagination.

Harambura unlocked his imagination through communications with a being named Kuntarkis, who gave him the answers to many of lifes greatest questions. Harambura now brings readers these answers in his new book, The Book of Knowledge: I Am Alien (published by Partridge Singapore), which also features the knowledge to help readers unlock their own imaginations.

Harambura says the universe is, without a doubt, full of intelligent life forms. He knows this due to his discussions with Jecuss Kuntarkis, an intelligent being who shares with Harambura the secrets of the universe.

Throughout The Book of Knowledge, Harambura shares what he learned during his talks with Kuntarkis, as well as 433 questions asked by various people and the answers Kuntarkis gave in reply.

An excerpt from The Book of Knowledge:

It is your level of thinking that allows you to manifest your reality. Change your thinking and you change your reality. Take your human Ego for example. It is a creation of negative beliefs and conditioning, a combination of thoughts from your created past, based on negative experiences. Because the human Ego is full of fear and is not willing to change, it can only continuously create negative experiences from the past that which it knows to the present and into the future. It is all in your thinking.

The Book of Knowledge

By Roman Harambura

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 1,136 pages | ISBN 9781482828283

E-Book | 1,136 pages | ISBN 9781482828306

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Roman Harambura is a motivational mentor, life coach and author. He says he only lives in the moment, therefore he has no time for a belief system. He uses his liberated style of living to help others, most recently through his book, The Book of Knowledge.

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