Careful What You Wish For


Written by Jasmine

(Webmistress The Majickal Garden)

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I think this is a popular enough phrase. Do most of us know what it really means? It sounds simple enough. I know what I am wishing for at the time and I really want it. In my naiveté, in a time of lesser enlightenment, little did I realize the reality of such a seemingly simple request.

I have learned plenty about cause and effect thru serious changes in my life set about by decisions I finally made. Situations that I spent years looking at with the frustration of not knowing what to do about them but wishing things would change. Praying they would change. Asking for help from the universe to guide me to a way thru them with the least amount of negative fallout to affect those around me.

The thing is, what I was wishing for was indeed valid to the path of my life and it stood far ahead in the distance waiting for me to make the first move. The thing was that I did not have any idea what was out there…but I saw a definite warm light in the distance reach out to me. I had nothing to go on but faith and trust that my destination was where I belonged and I had to do this.

My fear of the dark shadowed valleys, which I filled in the blanks with my imagination of how I thought it might go, lay between myself and my path. They had left me frozen for so long. It suddenly dawned on me what was required to start this desire to make the change, was to know I believed deep in my soul that it was right for me. Then I was able to make a firm decision. When I reached that point there was a feeling of a part of the load being lifted up off my shoulders. Lightness and relief to find I am not in this alone and would be guided in the move ahead.

The next step was to push fear and guilt aside as *the bad guys out to sabotage my goal* clearing the way to begin baby steps toward my desires and wishes. Stopping what I imagined might happen. This was not as easily done as said but listening to my souls desire via meditation and keeping my mind clear from the mutterings of worry about *what if* and *how can I*, etc. allowed the messages from the universe, my spirit guides, to come to the surface of my understanding mind. I recognized these messages because they were wrapped in a feeling of warmth, rightness, evoking faith, strength and trust that no matter what happened, it would be alright. I learned to call up that feeling whenever I started to feel the darkness overwhelm me. Getting to this point gave me the strength and courage to face the things in front of me that needed my attention. Sorting thru what I could do something about and omitting the things I had no control over.

As time went on, and I continued using my tools for accomplishing my goals, I realized some of my worst fears never materialized. On the other hand, some things I never imagined in the changes occurring were quite surprising and something I would not have chosen had it been mine to make. I think this is where *be careful what you wish for…* becomes relevant. If you ask for something, take care of what you might receive and are you ready?!

I believe in living life on the spiritual path, calling upon the support and tools the universe will supply for us. Whenever I have done this with true intention I have always found results. Sometimes not as I thought they might come about but results just the same. The misconception is that just wishing or asking that something be so, because we think it’s something we really do want does not make it necessarily what we need.

Making a *wish* or request for change should be done with the responsibility of effort on our part. To know what it is we are asking for and what we are willing to do in order to help this come about. You can’t possibly win the lottery if you’re not willing to go out and buy a ticket!

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