Life Cycles

Written by Jasmine

Cycle: a group of events which happen in a particular
order, one following the other and which is often

Cycles of life. Somewhere along the line I found myself becoming aware of a new one beginning, enjoying the more comfortable middle area where it seems it always was and will remain to be. However, the slight flavor of change was in the air. Sometimes it was in a friendship, a job, relationship or even a peaceful lull following a hectic time. In many cases it was not the direction I might have liked things to go.

When I consciously found myself living in the light, listening to my inner self and seeking the guidance of my spirit guides, was when I began to recognize the *signs* posted along the way. They were always there but the difference was in my perspective to be able to see them when they crossed my path. They are easy to miss when, unaware, everyday challenges of life block the view.

One example was with a particular friendship. I met her thru a mutual friend. We hit it off immediately and we had plenty in common. We both had families. In the beginning, our friendship was great. Somewhere towards the middle I knew I was emotionally stronger than she was. I did my best to be there for her when she called, day or night. Lending support as a good friend does for one another. Then the time she needed from me began to increase. It took a serious cut into my own young families’ needs, business and other social obligations. The more I gave the more she seemed to need and it was pulling me down.

The signs were in front of me, that I was hindering her more than I was helping, and it was time to back off our close friendship. However, I fought the intuitive feeling and opted for the thinking that if I were a true friend, I would continue to help.

Then came the beginning of the end. I found myself pregnant with my second child and bedridden for the first 2 months. My mom moved in with us to help out. What it took for me to understand this part of the cycle was the fact my good friend did not contact me once thru the whole time I was down. (Sure, I could have contacted her, however, that was not the point.)

Finding myself in a situation where the only choice was to protect the life inside me as well as doing the best I could for my 7 year old. Holding the family together during this difficult time was all I could handle. I had been crying out for help on a spiritual level for some time. Ending up in a prone position for so long tends to re-arrange the thinking patterns! It literally jerked me to the center of reality about what was really important in my life. Perhaps in my spiritual search to that point, I had missed the minor ones posted for me and required a huge billboard in the form of the blessing of a new life.

Back to this friendship. I had been able to see the cycle of our friendship and where it had ended up. Honestly, knowing her as I did and understanding how incapable she was to extend beyond her own personal situation and it was really alright. After much consideration I accepted the signs of change and of moving on. It felt right in letting go. Our paths had crossed for a reason and I was better for having had her in my life. The fork in the road was clear.

Of course, not all friendships are meant to end this way. However, I think this was the first serious situation where I was able to consciously recognize in retrospect the full cycle and how my acknowledging this with the spiritual trust to follow the flow.

The key to being able to recognize these cycles and their stages lie in living everyday in mindfulness. This means living in the moment. Not spending too much time on a past that is over or a future yet to come. Accepting that which is out of our hands and doing what is in our power to deal with at this time. De-clutter the mind of useless thoughts, let them go. Cycles can be repeated when they become circles!

Focusing on the situation at hand, be it career, relationship or friendship. Being fully aware in the moment on time spent in a situation without cluttering the mind with other thoughts not related to what’s going on at the time. If you can train yourself to do this, it becomes easier to recognize where cycles are in your life as well as *opening your eyes* to signs posted along the way. You might better be able to recognize red flags marking that which could be holding you back in your life situations.

To put it simply, when situations in our lives become a continuous struggle, perhaps it’s time to take a serious look at where you’re really headed with it. Using awareness in this way will enable the signs to be read and recognize where changes might need to be made in order to continue on an honest spiritual path.

When I have consciously found myself faced with recognizing where change or adjustments were required and following thru with them, I have been rewarded with a feeling that it was right. I might mourn a loss with some of the changes but what was gained meant so much more in the long run. Sometimes doors or windows need to be closed before others are allowed to open.

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