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  • Is Christian Science healing in any way similar to Reiki “distance” healing?

    by inju

    Question by Pascha: Is Christian Science healing in any way similar to Reiki “distance” healing?
    Do you have experience with either? What do you think is involved?

    Best answer:

    Answer by DrDontheTermiteGuy
    Same sort of BS but Reiki is typically a lot less expensive.

    Start running now.

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  • Immune System Herbs

    Article by Immune System Herbs

    Immune system herbs can play such an important role when it comes to boosting your immune system. There are many immune system herbs out there that can help you quite quickly to overcome illnesses like the common cold.Herbs are starting to play a more intrinsic role in our diets and so more and more people are using herbs to combat symptoms of illness.Astragalus is a popular herb mainly used in china and has been known to considerably strengthen the lungs.Immune system herbs are great for your body and provide a holistic and natural way of increasing the body’s natural defense systems against intrusion.Ganoderma is another one that can be quite beneficial. Ganoderma helps you gain more energy and is used to tonify the blood. This herb is most often used to fight symptoms of the blood as it increases the number of white blood cells in the body while inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses.The bottom line is immune system herbs work and you should give them a lot of consideration the next time you feel your natural immune system could do with some help!Herbal extracts can help and act like an immune system herb. They work because they strengthen other bodily systems. When you make your body stronger in one area, all other areas end up benefiting too. There are lots of factors that can interfere and make your body stop functioning the way it was intended. Stress is a major one, and so it makes sense that if you cut out stress from your life, you won’t need immune system fighting herbs to help with the battle. Exercise is another great form of help to get your immune system back on track.Visit Immune System Herbs web blog for more information.

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  • “the dilema over herbal legislation”, what do you think of this?

    Question by froufrou: “the dilema over herbal legislation”, what do you think of this?
    ………obviously i direct this at that who DO use or agree with herbal medicine in some form

    …”from april next year new eurpoean legistaltion will come into force

    this means every single herbal product on the uk market must have a licence and comply with official standards

    this may sound liek a solution [to the problem of false practictioners and claims]

    but for many herbal manufacturers the cost of licencing is very /too expensive and many will have to be withdrawn, this includes comonly used things like ginko biloba and echinacea”
    nice to see the view of ‘who are they kidding’ when it comes to cost being too high ;-|

    are people really tha tnaive to think its only them who have topay too high prices for things?
    the point is yes, rich companies can, and do get licences,
    but the smaller buisness cant and wont, and thte smaller ones,

    obviously are in the herbal buisness given that its still not even socially accepted yet so its still not mainstream
    no ones debating the need for licencing, everyones for it

    its just the fact that , as with everything,its gonna go too far, and affect things it shouldnt

    , if some things have to be shelved because the licence fee is too high for smaller companies to afford

    we are back to buying the same old usual stuff from the larger ones,

    the ones that can afford to make us pay absurd amounts, the ones we all despise now for doing that with medication etc

    the licence as with everything itself needs to be either perfect or regulated

    Best answer:

    Answer by Nitram
    It’s an excellent idea. ‘Tis about time that those who make claims about the medical benefits of herbs are able to substantiate those claims and package the treatments up such that there is a known and standard strength in each dose.

    If they don’t want to pay for the cost of licensing then they won’t be in the market of peddling their wares.

    There is (of course) nothing to stop you going out and just buying herbs or growing it in your garden.

    It’s exactly the same as when it happened with herbicides and pesticides, everyone was looking at the -ve side and saying how it would affect everyone and you wouldn’t be able to buy stuff anymore. All that happened was stuff like Jeyes Fluid changed the labels to remove the parts about being able to spray your veggies with it. You can still purchase copper sulphate and make your own bordeaux mixture, the garden police are not going to come out and arrest you.

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  • why is the vietnam memorial often referred to as a “healing stone”?

    Question by a t: why is the vietnam memorial often referred to as a “healing stone”?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Steven D
    Because we were often left in the dark about how many had gone before us. Personally, when I touched the wall I knew that there were friends I’d never see again. It helped greatly.

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  • Are Medicinal Herbs Safe To Use?

    There is no medicinal herb with unpleasant side effects ever recommended by any botanic physician. With all the thousands of years of “trial and error”, we pretty much know the medicinal effects of herbs.

    Practically all herbals that are recommended for healing are based mostly on tradition, folklore or hearsay, and today we benefit from the accumulated herbal wisdom of the ages.

    Most US Medical Journal articles on herbs tend to focus only on their dangers. For instance, coltsfoot and comfrey allegedly causes cancer. Licorice allegedly causes a serious hormonal disorder and chamomile blamed of triggering fatal allergic reactions. Herb advocates dismiss these allegations as ridiculous.

    The fact of the matter is that medicinal herbs are neither “completely safe” nor “poison”.  Medicinal herbs are just like any other medicines; you take to little – nothing happens, you take the right amount (of the proper herb) – you reap the healing benefits, but if you take too much too long – you are asking for trouble.

    Nothing is absolutely safe. Whether it is pharmaceutical, herbal or over the counter. Safety is a judgment call requiring a risk/benefit evaluation. All medicines should be taken in recommended dosages. And if you have never taken it before, it is wise to start with the lowest dose at first; in case of a reaction.

    Many believe medicinal herbs are safer than pharmaceuticals because they are natural. Herb critics oppose that pharmaceuticals are safer because users know precisely how much they are ingesting, which herb users can only guess at dosages with raw plant material.

    Herb critics do have a point. Herb potency depends on plant genetics, growing conditions, maturity at harvest, time in storage, method of preparation and the possibility of adulteration.

    On the other hand, there is no guarantee that pharmaceutical dose control will be used safely. You need look no further than the suicide statistics. In addition to that being said; different people have different reactions to the same dose of many drugs. For example, the adult dosage of aspirin is 2 tablets every 4 hours. But, for some people one tablet provides relief while others must take three to get the same results.

    Medicinal herbs, in general, cause fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are highly concentrated pills and capsules that have little taste; factors that make it easier to take an overdose. Whereas the active constituents of medicinal herbs are less concentrated and most taste bitter, which helps discourage overdose.

    Any active substance, whether it be herbal medicine or pharmaceutical, that is capable of doing good when used properly, can also do harm when used improperly.

    Here are some Safety Guidelines you need to keep in mind when healing with medicinal herbs.

    1. Medicinal amounts of healing herbs should not be given to children under the age of 2. Unless you have the ok from your pediatrician and be sure to dilute preparations.

    2. People over 65, or sensitive to other drugs need to start with low strength preparations. Elderly people develop increased sensitivity to drugs.

    3. Pregnant and nursing women should not use medicinal amounts of healing herbs. (With a few exceptions.) Use only with the consent and supervision of your obstetrician. They may harm the unborn and newborns.

    4. People with a chronic disease should be extra cautious. Medicinal herbs may interact with other drugs you might be taking. Always check with your physician or pharmacist first.

    5. Use recommended amounts for recommended periods only. Herbs that have caused harm were due to consuming huge amounts for long periods of time.

    6. Pay attention to any symptoms of toxicity. If you develop stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea and/or headache within an hour or two – STOP TAKING IT and see if symptoms subside. When in doubt, call your physician or pharmacist. If you experience a severe reaction, call your physician immediately.

    7. Be extra careful when using herbal oils. Oils are highly concentrated, amounts that seem small may cause serious harm. If you use any, take only a drop or two at a time.

    8. Never take herb identity for granted. Although most herbs are identified accurately, adulteration is still possible. Learn what medicinal plants smell, feel and taste like. If you have any doubt – do not ingest the herb.

    Edith Lingenfelter – creator, owner and webmaster of Age-old Herbs – is dedicated to heightening the awareness of the natural healing powers of “herbs” and “herbal nutrition supplements”. To be well and stay well visit

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  • Cocktail recipes sometimes call for “salt tincture.” What exactly is that?

    Question by Syl: Cocktail recipes sometimes call for “salt tincture.” What exactly is that?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Rosie-doll Too
    A tincture is a solution of herbs in alcohol. Apple cider vinegar may be used in some special preparations. The alcohol dissolves all of the chemical principals of the plant and acts as a preservative for future use.

    I don’t know what a ‘salt tincture’ is … unless it’s just a mixture of salt in some liquid…just a dilution of salt water or something. =/

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