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    Study: Most Herbal Supplements Contain No Herbs
    The New York Times noted a study last week from a Canadian research team claiming roughly three out of four herbal supplements contain little more than weeds or powdered rice. The research team used a test called DNA barcoding, which has previously …
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  • All Chakras – Meditation, Balancing and Tuning

    Relax, let your body heal… Full Length Meditation, Balancing and Tuning Digital downloads now available at iTunes!!!…

  • Energy meditation

    Meditation should be incorporated in our life. Our busy schedule and life does not give us time to relax our mind and body. We get rid of the body strain or exertion but it does not relax your body and soul completely. Thus, meditation is necessary for inner relaxation of your body and mind and rejuvenating it for a new tomorrow. This rejuvenation is essential because your mind and body not only needs to relax but also rejuvenate so that it continues functioning effectively even at a later stage in your life. If you too wish to keep your mind and body healthy ‘Energy Meditation’ is the best thing for you. You do not need a meditation retreat for this; you can practice it at your home, office or park.

    Yoga is a blend of meditation, postures, therapies, etc. the postures are also varied. In hot yoga and power yoga the poses require you to stretch your body to the limit so that you lose weight, maintain your body, etc. However, when your cross a certain age the type of exercise you choose is very important. This exercise has to be such that your body is relaxed and energized as well. Simple asanas like pranayam, butterfly, etc. are very simple but help your body muscles relax. The muscles at a senior age tend to get brittle. Any careless behaviour might lead to serious muscle injuries, also the flexibility of the muscles decreases. A simple exercise that can help you get back the flexibility as well as relive you of bone and muscle pain is yoga.

    If you are a beginner, this meditation is excellent for you as it strengthens the aura when practiced regularly.

    · Firstly relax your entire body.

    The deeper the trance, the more effective. You can meditate at any time and no specific trance is necessary for you.

    · For beginners, you should visualize while at the same time, draw in energy from all sides of your body, front, back, top of your head and bottom of brilliant light, like the sun. Working with colors is more advanced and most effective when you are a bit more experienced.

    · While exhaling visualizing the aura that is expanding besides you

    · Breathe in again and visualize the energy getting brighter and more powerful, radiating from your entire being.

    · Exhale again and visualize the energy and expansion of your aura, and feel the center of your body shining brilliantly like the sun.

    · Repeat this several times, each time visualizing the energy becoming brighter and brighter as it increases in intensity.

    · When working with colors, visualize the color becoming more and more powerful and vibrant. You will notice each color has a different feel to it. Colors can be used to attract according to their nature

    Practice this meditation at a meditation retreat or your home and feel the difference in your life.

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  • What are alternatives to mindfulness of breathing meditation?

    Question by M: What are alternatives to mindfulness of breathing meditation?
    I have been practicing meditation sporadically for several years, and in recent months have been motivated to practice more deeply and consistently. However, when I try to observe the breath – I find I stop breathing! I can’t simply be with the breath without exerting control, and I inevitably experience sensations of claustrophobia/suffocation. Could someone suggest an alternative method? Thanks.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Lisa
    What you are experiencing is not unusual, and there is no reason to try and avoid it. If you can’t be with the breath without exerting control, then notice you are exerting control at that very second, do your best to let it release, and go back to the breath. If you again notice you are exerting control, again, try to release and go back to the breath. If you experience sensations of claustrophobia or suffocation, then notice them, and go back to the breath. If you experience extremely negative emotional states based on this sense of claustrophobia or suffocation, then notice that. None of these things will last forever. If you try to avoid them, all that will happen is they will find other ways to come back again and again.

    In other words, the alternative method is to go right into the experience you are really having.

    The other thing I would highly recommend, if you have not already done so, is to go on a meditation retreat (ten days or longer if you can) with an experienced teacher in the type of mediation you are most interested in. It is very wise to have someone to guide you when you experience very unpleasant mindstates. Everyone experiences such things, of course, but the mind can get very tricky with them, so it is excellent, if you can, to have a guide.

    I hope this helps!

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  • How can i keep my skin beautiful?is there anyway to keep it healthy without any acne on it?

    Question by my sacred self: How can i keep my skin beautiful?is there anyway to keep it healthy without any acne on it?
    I’ve visited a doctor too she gave me some cream and capsule..but it doesn’t work completely …..i wanna keep my skin beautiful naturally without any make up or drug…is there any special mask or plant drug ?or any other way ?
    do u have any suggestion about it?
    tell me please

    Best answer:

    Answer by daniel doll face
    use spot cream, drink plenty of water, don’t do solvents, excercise, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat things like chocolate in excess, don’t use makeup, wash face regularly.

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  • Reiki campanillas 3 minutos

    Esperanza REIKI Concepción.
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

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