Manifestation of Positive Spiritual Energy Through Meditation

Meditation is one of the most simplest ways to manifest your positive spiritual energy. It is through meditation that you can change your life. Just one simple positive thought a day can manifest into a new life of success, love, spiritual healing and contentment. I am going to show you how these simple meditation techniques can really improve your outlook on life.

Meditation: Practice silence and mediation for 30 minutes a day. Connecting with your inner self takes time, practice and work. At first it will be difficult to meditate. The more you do it the easier it becomes. You will find that you will become so good at it, that you will be able to do it anywhere. Waiting in line at the gas station? Why not spend those few minutes in meditation? It clears your mind, provides focus and balance.

Methods: Start by concentrating on something calming and relaxing. The easy way to do this is to close your eyes and picture a relaxing tropical beach or calming beautiful forest. Try to remove all barriers from your mind. Try to make your mind go blank. Remove all worry and thoughts of anything else but this one pictures in your head. Calm your thoughts. Once you calm your mind by concentrating on a beach, forest or something similar, take it to the next level and form a box in your mind. Surround that box with white light. Remove all other thoughts from your mind. The only three things you should be seeing in your mind is your box, the white light and the gentle feeling of your breathe being taken into your body and exiting your body. Feel the warming, relaxing effect of the breathe entering your body and then the release of the breathe leaving the body.

With every refreshing breathe; more and more of the worry, noise and stress will leave your body.

In just a matter of days you will start to experience spiritual healing and a sense of contentment.

Now take one single positive thought and place that positive thought inside your box. That one single positive thought is what will manifest inside you and to others. Hold that thought there in your box. Close it off from anything else in your mind. It is protected in that box and nothing or no one can remove it. It is there for you to revisit throughout the day. Maybe your thought is to be able to help someone in need. Maybe it is to find a new job so you can feed your family. Maybe it is too find a way to finance a new home.

Whatever you choose to manifest during your mediation period will become reality in your life. This is how powerful this method can be. You will truly manifest what you concentrate on. Soon you will not need the box to manifest your own destiny. The need for approval will no longer be part of your thoughts, actions or dreams. You will have brought a daily manifestation of positive energy into your life.

These words are so powerful that I have seen one good friend go from nothing to owning his own business. He did this in less than four years. Most people spend their lives trying to build a successful business. My friend did it in 4 simple years, by giving and receiving from others. Manifesting his true “Self” to the world and the Universe is what made him the person he is today. It was through these meditation techniques that he found the spiritual healing to propel him forward in life.

Practice these meditation techniques on a daily basis. Try not to miss a day. As I mentioned, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Blessings and Happiness….

Arturo D. Saborio is a long time practitioner of spiritual oneness and finding contentment in life. His free articles are very uplifting and filled with practical everyday life teachings. Come take a look at his newest website to gain knowledge and insight into your own spirituality. Find a path to contentment and happiness.

Meditation A Way To Spirituality

Do you know the meaning of spirituality? What is a spiritual person? A spiritual person is who cares about people, animals and even planets. He knows that all are one and he consciously attempts to honour this oneness. He has the benevolent approach and kind heart and strives for the well-being of humanity. Meditation is a path which takes you to spirituality.

When one talks about meditation, it seems something very spiritual, devoting and which cannot be practiced easily, but it is wrong. Meditation is nothing but mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the conditioned, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or self-awareness. Regular practice of meditation can develop an empowered mind in many ways, such as building patience, relaxation, observation, perception, concentration and focus. It brings changes to your mind and body for the purpose of self-benefit, such as helping you to lose weight, quit smoking, and reduce stress and even depression. Beyond all those physical health benefits, meditation can even make you more receptive and sensitive. It makes us spiritual, helps to develop relationship with god.

Though it is difficult to describe what being spiritual is, it is a different state for every individual. However, it is an ineffable state of being connected with that which surrounds us. This feeling goes beyond self, generally brings the person aware of his pettiness before something great and powerful. In other words we can also say that, man is mere puppet in the hands of destiny, god or some power which rules whole the universe.

It opposes man bout worrying and being concerned with the past and the future. While removing our connection with past and future, it increases the awareness of the present to such an extent that true and meaningful reflection can be attained.

In this way, meditation results in enhanced spirituality that is beneficial to the individual. It provides peace of mind, an exhilarating experience of joy, inspiration, security and even guidance. There are number of benefits of spirituality.

• It makes you have peace of mind

• It gives the feel of being safe and secure

• It develops self-confidence

• It develops the ability to give and receive absolute love

• It provides you with desired guidance at the time of need

It is a proven fact that people experiencing spirituality have better health, suffer less from mental problems such as stress, depression, hypertension and indecision. Even at the difficult times, they are able to have positive feelings and better approach to overcome from that situation. If you want to experience this, visit at and experience spirituality. provides retreats and seminars, podcast, TV show, counseling and speaking services on effective meditation work out. For more information visit:

Meditation and Your Spiritual Awakening

Meditation is often visualized as an Eastern tradition where the person sits in a circle surrounded by candles and saying mantras or humming. Currently, meditation and its benefits are recognized throughout the world  It is far from what we had in mind before in every culture.  Aside from the calming effect that it could bring, meditation is often said to be a path to awaken the spirit and start the journey towards spiritual awakening.

Meditation has different schools. Each school would have its own thought about meditation. There are also different techniques for meditation and it can also be classified based on their focus. There are meditative techniques which focus on a field or a background perception, while there are others which focus on a specific object.

Meditation is used to calm the mind and relax the body. Tension, stress and anxiety can be relieved by performing simple techniques. Aside from the inner peace that meditation brings, it can also improve the body’s total and general health. It is also a great way of improving your concentration. There are studies showing the relation between meditation and other concentration exercises with the performances of athletic and sport professionals.

Health benefits of meditation would include better circulation, deeper level of relaxation, increase in exercise tolerance among heart patients, regularizing blood pressure, reduces anxiety attacks and muscle tension, helps against allergies, arthritis, and shows significant help for those who are recovering from operation or surgery.

With this concentration process, you get to listen to the inner self and separate from the pressures of daily life.

Understanding the inner self would lead to understanding of our higher self. This would increase our knowledge and understanding how the higher self unites with the universe. In meditation, you get the chance to tap into your inner self and get in touch on how it sees your life. Getting in touch with the inner self will provide guidance towards our happiness and fulfillment.

There are religions which advocate the use of meditation to reach enlightenment. As mentioned, there are different schools of thoughts and focus that each religion adapts. But the method or the technique used is not as important with the underlying concept that behind meditation.

Meditation is about listening to the inner self, therefore it has something to do with controlling your attention and focusing. There are too much distractions that it is very hard for some to focus their attention into what it is important and keeping the attention on fixed object. When focused on a fixed object or field, one-pointedness could be experienced and could take the person to a completely different state. This one-pointedness is not that easy to achieve though, there are some who would need to meditate for years to achieve it.

When one-pointedness is achieved, the person would experience bliss. Bliss is referred to as a natural state of the soul which cannot be experienced easily in daily lives. During this meditative state, spirituality and also the mind expands its consciousness and understanding of nature and the universe. Destructive thinking and behavior brought about by the materialistic and fast-paced world can be flushed away by focusing more on the your spirituality.

A deeper understanding and knowledge would be felt and the body would be in one with the universe. This they say would be what would link us to the Supreme Being. Attaining this one-pointedness could somehow be compared to a spiritual awakening, where the body and the mind can fully understand what cannot be seen or touch in the material world.

John Scigliano is a motivational trainer and retired US Navy Chief.

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What are the spiritual aspects of your practice?

Question by Tomodachi: What are the spiritual aspects of your practice?
Understanding that martial arts are more than merely physical movements and physical fighting skills, that the most important aspect of the way is the spiritual dimension that leads one to unity with the “breath of the universe” or ki / chi / qi / prana that leads to awakening so as to lead a life that is beneficial to all others and to ones self, what are the spiritual practices you were taught in your style / school / way of martial art?

Do you also impart this knowledge and practice to your students if you are a teacher? Are your students receptive to the same?

This one understands that in the west, many do not practice such and many teachers do not impart such to their students (including Asian martial teachers who often express that it has been their experience that westerners are not open to such) however, ones study and practice is not complete without the same.

In this ones own practice, the spiritual aspects have become the most important aspects and some of his students have laughingly commented that he now spends more time talking about such than working on technique and movement…. When this one was younger (much younger…LOL!) the opposite seems to have been true and this one only cared for the physical skills.

Thank you for your sincere comments and reflections. There is no correct or incorrect answer to this as it will reflect your personal journey and the present level of your art and understanding. You may not even care in regards to the spiritual dimension…and so it goes.

Be well
For those who do not seem to understand, spirituality does not imply religious practices or a religious faith system with deities and rituals…

The very “ways” many in this forum profess to practice have an inherent spiritual dimension and to reject such is not fully practice the “way” that some here are supposedly “masters” of…
Spiritualism and spirituality are not the same. this one did not realize that so many here practiced English as a second language…wakarimasu?
Spiritualism and spirituality are not the same. this one did not realize that so many here practiced English as a second language…wakarimasu?

Best answer:

Answer by possum
I don’t subscribe to the concepts of ki, etc, nor do I teach it. I tend to reject anyone who teaches it to me. It isn’t that I think it’s against my religion, it’s just that I prefer a more scientific approach.

Also, when I want spiritual development, I will seek guidance from my pastor. And when I want martial development, I will seek guidance from my martial arts instructor. For me, ne’er the two shall meet.

I’ve had bad experiences of bringing religion and spiritualism into the dojang, and I will never do it again. Too many conflicts developed for me, not just in spiritual context, but also in techniques.

Please forgive the analogy, but going to martial arts schools and getting spiritual and martial development is like getting a pocket knife with too many features, and its many features detracts from each that are present.

I do not consider the absence of spiritualism in my martial arts as making my training incomplete. In fact, its presence bloats it for me. Others may feel differently, but I reject it entirely.

EDIT: Spiritualism means different things to different people. To me, it is everything religious in nature. It may not represent Asian philosophy, or yours, or anyone else’s. But that is irrelevant to me: I do not find its relevance to my martial training. One minute taken out of class to discuss something spiritual (using anyone’s definition) means taking a minute away the training for which I came to learn. And it wasn’t to learn or engage in anything “spiritual”. My act of just being there may be what some might describe as “spiritual”, though I do not.

I do care only for the physical aspects. If you meant something other than physical, but not theological, then I don’t know what you mean. Having a large Native American influence in my life meant that even “journey” has a religious (read: theological) context. For me, even ki / chi has a religious context.

When in the discussions of “the way”, I fully realize the Asians meant something other than what I interpret to mean “method”. I choose to disregard anything more than just “method” because anything more means something that conflicts with my beliefs – scientific or theological.

I know that martial arts is a way of life. It is always described that way. But so is burglary, fatalism, pessimism, and politics. Being a chef. Being in the military. Being in school. Each define how you run and explain your life.

That “way of life” is revealed by the instructor through his or her own interpretations, and the choice to ignore it, accept it, adopt it, or reject it is the students’.

And for me, when the instructor reveals his or her “way of life” – even if congruent with my own beliefs – I ignore it. I have no time for it.

Give your answer to this question below!