Keep Moving For Healthy Balance

I recently accompanied a friend to a class for back problems. The speaker was a physical therapist that specialized in sports injuries...talked about using our muscles all the time…with awareness in different activities. When we get up out of our chairs we should use our leg muscles to lift us up instead of heaving ourselves up with...never to young or old to benefit.

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Meditation - How Can I Start?

...quieting the mind from the everyday chatter; a time for inner peace to take over soothing the inner self. If you happen to find it difficult holding still in your mind for any length of time, know that is o.k. A minute would be sufficient as a starting point if that is where your level of comfort is. Desire and effort is what counts.

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Journal To Dreamland

Ever feel like your brain is on a fast track to nowhere? You’re thoughts rushing up multi-lanes and then switching lanes up ahead, at 90 miles an hour? Taking your mind off of what is in front of you all day, just to keep you awake at night? We have all been there at one time or another...

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Francesco Hayez -Italian Painter

Soul Mates, Marriage and Reality

In order to be able to recognize if someone is your soul mate, you need to *know thyself*. A relationship on this level is a true partnership that requires both sides to be aware of the responsibility for a healthy heart, mind and soul.

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Finding Serenity

Of all the tools I have been blessed to add to my toolbox for maintenance of the Soul, one of my most treasured is, modest in first appearance, one of my most useful.

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Life Cycles

Cycles of life. Somewhere along the line I found myself becoming aware of a new one beginning, enjoying the more comfortable middle area where it seems it always was and will remain to be. However, the slight flavor of change was in the air.

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Welcome To The Majickal Garden - Life On The Path Of Light


  • Edgar Cayce Principles of Holistic Medicine ARE

    Holistic medicine, Holistic health care, life balanced natural diet, the Cayce way. Edgar Cayce the Father of Holistic Medicine. Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Manage anxiety with Bach flower remedies

    Bach flower remedies treat emotional conditions. They are derived from various plants and flowers and were devised by Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor, in the 1930s, who believed that:

    ‘Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material.’

    (from Heal Thyself)

    The remedies aid the body’s capacity to heal itself and treat the root of the disease, which Dr Bach believed were negative moods and conflict within oneself. The flowers are steeped in a bowl of water in direct sunlight or boiled to prepare a ‘mother tincture’. This is the concentrated essence of the flower, which is then diluted before personal use, and suspended in a solution of water and brandy.

    Each of the thirty-eight remedies relate to negative states of mind. Dr Bach arranged these into seven emotional groupings:

    – Fear

    – Uncertainty

    – Insufficient interest in present circumstances

    – Loneliness

    – Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas

    – Despondency or Despair

    – Over-care for welfare others

    Within these are the Twelve Healers, the twelve Bach flower remedies describing our essential nature and characteristic behaviours – who we are!

    Listed below are the negative and positive character traits associated with each personality type along with the remedy best suited to treat it.

    For example:

    Negative aspect: Hidden worry
    Positive aspect: Contentment
    Flower remedy: Agrimony

    – Servitude
    + Self assertive
    Remedy: Centaury

    – Mistrust instincts
    + Self belief
    Remedy: Cerato

    – Self pity
    + Giving love
    Remedy: Chicory

    – Dreamer
    + Down to earth
    Remedy: Clematis

    – Despondent
    + Faith
    Remedy: Gentian

    – Impatient
    + Tolerant
    Remedy: Impatiens

    – Known fears
    + Bravery
    Remedy: Mimulus

    – Terror
    + Courage
    Remedy: Rock rose

    – Indecision
    + Resolution
    Remedy: Scleranthus

    – Stressed, wilful
    + Tranquility
    Remedy: Vervain

    – Proud, aloof
    + In service
    Remedy: Water violet

    Remedies can be taken directly from the bottle if required urgently. However stock concentrate is designed for dilution into a mixed remedy bottle or into a glass of water for immediate use. The benefit comes from regular use rather than by the quantity of Bach remedy that is taken at any one time.

    It is important, if possible, to work consciously with the remedies. If you do not experience a change in your emotional state then you should review which remedies you are using and trust your instinct and intuition. You can explore the remedies dynamically. If taken in a glass of water, for instance, the Bach remedy can be modified daily or in extreme circumstances, even hourly.

    Working with the Bach flower remedies presents a challenge: Dr Bach’s flowers hold a mirror to our emotional and psychological state. They help us to understand how we respond to change. We can find a way to work with problems and difficulties. Individuals and their emotional condition are central to the experience and process of healing.

    Find the right Bach flower remedy for you and learn more about how they can help.

  • Natural Cures For Migraines – Some Suggestions From Monahan Chiropractic

    The doctors at Monahan Chiropractic know that migraine headaches can be torture. The pain interferes with daily life. However, thousands of people live with migraine headaches, thinking that the only help available is expensive drugs. In this brief article, Dr. Clark V. Monahan of Monahan Chiropractic discusses a range of migraine headache treatments.

    Dr. Monahan reports that a large body of natural treatment knowledge is at work in today’s health field. He states that Monahan Chiropractic employs natural treatments which are less expensive and non invasive. These natural treatments provide long-term, lasting relief, in contrast to the partial, temporary relief of pain medications. Additionally, Monahan Chiropractic doctors know that the chance of side affects or negative reactions are much lower with natural treatments than they are with pharmaceutical medicines.

    It is important to remember that treatments can work differently for different people. Monahan Chiropractic founder Dr. Clark V. Monahan explains that a natural migraine treatment that is very effective in treating one person may be of no help to another. Various types of stress can aggravate migraine headaches, and removing those tensions is an important step to wellness.

    Some headaches are caused by stress and muscle tension. The doctors at Monahan Chiropractic equip patients by teaching them to relax muscles in the neck and upper back through auxiliary services like biofeedback training. Biofeedback training conditions a person to be more in tune with, and able to control, their involuntary nervous system. With correct biofeedback training, explains Dr. Clark V. Monahan of Monahan Chiropractic, patients can learn to outwit stress by controlling their own heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

    Monahan Chiropractic also reminds patients that nutrition and hydration are common, often overlooked cures for pain. Nutritional therapy is a scientific approach to the health of your food. Monahan Chiropractic encourages patients to undo unhealthy diets based on bad habits, including high salt and fat content. Instead, the staff at Monahan Chiropractic wants people to live a fulfilling life, eating healthy food, and free of pain. There are many simple, significant changes a person can make to their lives to eliminate pain, like good nutrition and excessive. Sometimes, adds Monahan Chiropractic, it is true that a patient needs the care of trusted and experienced medical hands, like those of one of the health care professionals at Monahan Chiropractic.

    Another popular natural migraine pain treatment is chiropractic adjustment. Misalignment of the spine can lead to pain and intense headaches. Monahan Chiropractic uses natural, modern techniques that have met with success for over a century. Monahan Chiropractic sometimes uses spinal adjustment to treat migraines. Monahan Chiropractic concludes that a large majority of patients find relief through spinal adjustments. Chiropractic methods can do a stellar job correcting spinal troubles.

    Dr. Monahan, clinic director at Monahan Chiropractic, is a nationally known speaker on topics ranging from chiropractic to environmental poisons, heavy metal detoxification, nutrition, natural hormone replacement for men and women, and anti-aging breakthroughs. In addition to overseeing Monahan Chiropractic, he lectures and instructs for the Florida Chiropractic Professional Association, F.C.P.A., and the Northeast Florida Chiropractic Association.

    Monahan Chiropractic Clinic is multidisciplinary. Some of the diagnostics and treatments used routinely at Monahan Chiropractic include spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, spinal traction, massage therapy, rehab, trigger point injections, IV chelation therapy, IV vitamin therapy, nutritional counseling and supplements.

    Monahan Chiropractic Clinic was founded by Dr. Clark Monahan. Dr. Clark Monahan graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1975 with a B.S. and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Monahan has been in practice in St. Augustine for 30 years and is the Monahan Chiropractic Clinic director and owner. For nearly two decades, Dr. Monahan and his team at Monahan Chiropractic Clinic have delivered drug-free, surgery-free, quality health care to patients in northeast Florida.

  • What is kinesiology and what can somebody do with a degree in it?

    My daughter is doing college application and she put down kinesiology down as her number one major. What is it and how can somebody make an impact on the world with kinesiology? I always asked her to get into law or dentisry, but she is so harded.

  • Aromatherapy in 2 steps – 2003

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  • Bill Nye on Astrology

    Bill Nye on Astrology from his show the Eye of Nye