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  • info and websites about wicca?

    Question by Anna: info and websites about wicca?
    So I know some stuff about Wicca, but I want to know more…and i’d have to learn it all online because I can’t get books. So yeah, websites? 🙂
    And also, is it okay to be Wiccan but not practice? Like to have the beliefs but not do rituals and stuff? Because my dad’s a Christian.
    And, (sorry lol) if I were to get books, what are some really good ones? That don’t specifically say “Wicca” or “witchcraft” or “Pagan” because I don’t want to freak daddy out lol .I mean, he already knows I’m interested in it, and says it’s okay, but i think he thinks that i’ll grow out of it or something.
    Thank you soo much! 😉 && Blessed be )O(
    First answerer (sorry I forgot the name) – I know that Wicca and witchcraft are different. You can be any religion and practice witchcraft. But thanks anyways.
    And to David H – Thanks. Great to see a Christian who isn’t…um, threatening me? No offense, but a lot of you do. 😀

    Best answer:

    Answer by -FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-

    But frankly its HUGE and easy to get lost …

    Not everyone who is Wiccan practices witchcraft …

    I follow many Wiccan traditions but do not practice witchcraft …

    Edit – David you rock … I truly appreciate your open mind and heart … had to publicly say it …

    2nd Edit – OK … thats what I get for trying to help …sarcasm …very nice …

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  • Why do people need to quote Einstein to prove whether he believed in God or not? What about this quote?

    Question by grassfell: Why do people need to quote Einstein to prove whether he believed in God or not? What about this quote?
    We could say that although Buddhism in not entirely scientific, but it certainly has a strong overtone and is certainly more scientific than any other religion. It is significant that Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the twentieth century said of Buddhism:

    “The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both natural and spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual and a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description. If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism.”

    Best answer:

    Answer by Vincent K, disciple of Primus
    Great point dude. Let’s see what the dumb ‘argument-from-authority’ brigade say about it.

    EDIT: Mastermind, I’ve never bothered to quote a specific evolutionary scientist. And if I did, I’d base it on the fact that numerous scientific discoveries have shown evolution to be correct; that is, base it on their evidence rather than their opinions. Lastly, I won’t bother to purposefully misquote someone just to try and give some non-existent credence to anything. That answer your question? ^_^

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  • Question about Paganism?

    Question by Water Witch: Question about Paganism?
    What is it really? I looked it up on Wiki but I wasn’t making much sense of it. I know “paganism” has been given a bad reputation, but I’ve been told that my ways of worship are simliar to Paganism so I wanted to find out more information about it. I have an open mind so I’m open to learn anything new. For all I know this might be the right type of religion for me…I don’t like labeling myself to a religion because I”ve never found a religion that I’ve agreed with, but perhaps Paganism might be the way for me.

    I preferably want answers from Pagans, but who ever can answer is fine.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Rachel
    Paganism is the belief in many gods, and is mainly used today in reference to earth based religions, like wicca. It is the oldest form of worship we know of today. Here’s a link that might help, and kudos on being so openminded!

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  • I keep hearing about Wicca/Wiccans. Is that considered a religion? What do Wiccans believe and practice?

    Question by kacey: I keep hearing about Wicca/Wiccans. Is that considered a religion? What do Wiccans believe and practice?
    Like, is the pentagram part of Wicca? I’ve always wondered what that stood for. I’ve been shopping for rocks and crystals because I want to collect them, and I see a lot that are categorized as “Wiccan.” How is that a part of the practice? Also, is “Wicca” the same as “paganism”? All these different names are confusing!

    Please, I’d like to hear from some people who follow Wicca or can speak objectively about it. I understand that there’s probably people who don’t agree with it, but only hearing from people who hate the whole thing won’t help! Thanks a lot!

    Best answer:

    Answer by Maurice H
    Their “witches”; but they’ve been watching too many halloween cartoons and I wouldnt subscribe to them if I were you.

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  • Good books about Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca?

    Question by Anna: Good books about Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca?
    Hey there. What are some good books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and other pagan religions? Preferably with an inconspicuous name that doesn’t actually say “Wicca” “Magick” “Pagan” etc.

    Thanks 🙂

    Best answer:

    Answer by MSB
    That’s a tough one. I would say look for:

    Drawing Down the Moon
    Spiral Dance
    Triumph of the Moon
    Out of the Shadows
    The Way of Four
    Stations of the Sun
    Sea Priestess (fiction but worth reading, by Dione Fortune under a different name I recall)
    Circle Round (actually for parents but gives a good overview of Paganism through raising a Pagan family)

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  • Q&A: If Gardnerian craft is such a “secret”, then why do they publish so many books about themselves?

    Question by Green Pagan 4.0: If Gardnerian craft is such a “secret”, then why do they publish so many books about themselves?
    If you look up Wicca on wikipedia, you’ll be completely bombarded with all of the “secret ways of the wise” that were (as far as I can tell) fabricated by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente for marketing purposes.

    There are 3 or 4 people from that coven that are hailed by mainstream society as the High Priests and Priestesses of “modern day wicca” and it seems that all they do is sell their books and collect praise (without any significant amount of fact-checking involved).

    If it’s all such a secret and they can decline to reveal any relevant information, then why would anyone bother buying their stories?

    Furthermore, why is Gerald Gardner seemingly the only witch cited on Wikipedia?

    Best answer:

    Answer by kagmi
    Haha, well more people are interested if you say it’s a secret, and then you can sell more books. 😉 Apparently it takes a while for people to notice that the whole publishing books thing contradicts it supposedly being a secret…

    And of course if you say it’s a secret that’s a great excuse for not having to explain things, like why the techniques in your books don’t work for everyone, or how you did something that’s physically impossible.

    The “High Priests and Priestesses” themselves might not even realize they’re doing this, but that’s how the logic works…

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