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  • Keeping the old traditions alive

    Keeping the old traditions alive
    Last weekend, Bruce opened the 36th annual Festival of Aboriginal Culture, a powwow hosted by the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, a non-profit serving indigenous peoples in the Ottawa area. Bruce is carrier of the Ottawa chapter of the National …
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    Unable To Work, Indian Immigrant Women Turn To Spiritual Practices For Comfort
    She worked in interior design in her native India for four years, and she and her husband spent a year getting to know each other before their wedding. When she followed her husband to Houston, she wasn't worried about adjusting to life in the United …
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    Technology meets spirituality in interactive 'Experiencia Mistica
    “There's definitely a moment in my life to inspect spiritual struggles. Does it mean anything? Does it mean anything to anybody?” explained Garcia, a native of Bogota, Colombia, pursuing his Ph.D. in computer graphics at Purdue University.
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  • does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?

    Question by Pajama Wars: does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?
    i want to know about the secrets of ancient kabbalah…

    Best answer:

    Answer by Goddess of Nuts (PBUH)
    Talk to the Mandeans of southern Iraq. Hurry though, before the Muslims kill them all.

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  • DaFt PunK – ALIVE 2007 – Part 4 – Too Long – Steam Machine

    Amazing concert of DAFT PUNK – ALIVE 2007 Part 4: Too Long Vs Steam Machine
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

    Ricardo Darín, en la mejor interpretación de su carrera, encarna en este poderoso thriller a un taxidermista introvertido con una extraña obsesión: planear los asaltos a bancos más perfectos y exitosos. Sólo los imagina, no los lleva a cabo. Hasta que un día,abandona su hábitat urbano para ir a los lejanos bosques del sur a compartir una jornada de caza. Allí un trágico accidente lo conecta inesperadamente con la posibilidad de ejecutar un verdadero delito: el asalto a un camión blindado que lleva las ganancias de un casino de la zona. Credits: Director:Fabián Bielinsky
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  • Ali Berlin – Alive with Ali Berlin

    Ali Berlin – Alive with Ali Berlin
    from Alive with Ali Berlin
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  • Paganism part 1- The Old Ways are Alive

    An introductory video about Pagans today- who they are, what they believe and what they do (and what they don’t do). More videos will follow. Many photos were taken by me of my Clan and of my college group- Pagan Living and Collaborative Education Society, while the rest of the pictures were found on Google images. Let me know how it came out, what you liked and your suggestions for future videos. ** I can’t edit the video- I know the text and pics go fast at times but my movie maker is wonky and the playback mode is broken so I have to guesstimate the text/pic lengths**

  • How do you keep fresh herbs alive over the winter?

    Every year we plant fresh herbs(rosemary, thyme, basil, etc.), but come winter time, they allways die, bummer huh. Even if I keep them in pots. I just don`t do well with them inside.

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