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  • Q&A: Can anyone tell me how effective is “body reflexology” and for what cures ?

    Question by ventura559: Can anyone tell me how effective is “body reflexology” and for what cures ?

    Best answer:

    Answer by dybydx01
    Reflexology is a very controversial topic. Some people stand strongly by it and are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars to get the treatment while some others disregard it as being newagey bullsh*t
    The best thing is to try it for yourself and see if it does anything for you 🙂

    Here are some of the reported benefits and uses:

    1. to reduce and sometimes eliminate pain in the neck, shoulders, back, minor headaches and migraines, menstrual cramps, injuries from sprained muscles.
    2. improves blood circulation in the body.
    3. Sessions can help sleep disorders
    4. some patients report that this therapy also helps infertility

    Here is a detailed article on reflexology with some book recommendations at the end that help you learn reflexology so you can perform it at home without having to dish out a lot of money.

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  • Does anyone have any info on the the folk medicine topics of “Talking Out the Fire” or Fire doctors?

    Question by siete_diablos: Does anyone have any info on the the folk medicine topics of “Talking Out the Fire” or Fire doctors?
    When I was a youngster I burned my arm badly when I spilled a pan of boiling water on my arm. My Grandpa took to a man that lived back this small hollow that was known as a fire or burn doctor. He took my my arm and recited some verse (could have been from the Bible, but I was very and don’t remember all the details). After rubbbing his hands lightly over the burn the pain ceased and the blisters seemed to disappear before my eyes. I later asked my Grandpa if this guy was a witch or something and he just laughed and said some day he would explain it all to me. My Grandpa passed before I got my answers, as has the the old man at the head of the hollow. I have found that few people have heard of this type of “folk medicine” and would like to learn more.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Ohio Healer
    I found quite a few sites doing a google search of “talking out the fire folk medicine”; however, they all required subscriptions! Most of them were journals. Perhaps your library would have access to them either in print or on line. I hope you continue to research this, it sounds like a lovely tradition to pass on to your children.

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  • Does anyone know of any good herbal remedies for hirstuism?

    I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which unfortunately causes excess facial hair growth. I am disgusted and frustrated with this problem. I’ve tried the pill(side effects didn’t agree with me) and I can’t affort the pricey hair removal treatments. Can anyone out there offer me any advice for this problem? I wonder if anyone has tried any supplements or herbal remedies that have worked?

  • Does anyone know the literal translation of ‘Tao Te Ching’?

    I know that Tao is the way, but I’m not sure about the rest.
    Why didn’t I think of Wiki? Thanks a lot.


  • Has anyone have or learned anything interesting to say about astrology today or lately?

    Any contributions or relevant stuff to post?
    I find new stuff sometimes and I try to apply it to situations so that I remember the information better.. I mean, I probably wouldn’t even remember or notice the information if it wasn’t applicable in the first place..
    Is there anything interesting you have learned about astrology today or as of lately, or as a professional would like to share so we can all benefit to learn something new?:)

  • Does anyone know of a really good brand of a passion flower tincture that I could buy?

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