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  • Who drew the drawing on the Ram Dass book Be Here Now about the teachings of the East and what does it mean?

    here’s a link to the picture:

    Be Here Now is the book that opened a whole generation of Westerners to the teachings of the East. Ram Dass detailed his personal journey from Harvard professor Richard Alpert to becoming a devotee of Neem Caroli Baba as Ram Dass. Along the way he took a lot of acid and drew a lot of pictures. Much of the the book is filled with very cool psychedelic art and much is filled with recipes for getting straight and leading a sacred life.

    Chapters include discussion of the the guru teacher relationship, use of asana, pranayam and mantra. Sexual energy (ALPERT, Richard). BABA RAM DASS.

    Be Here Now. (San Cristobal): (Lama Foundation) (1971). Alpert’s enormously popular autobiography and guidebook to enlightenment, first published a year earlier in a different form in an edition of 300 copies under the title From Bindu to Ojas.

    Is this a Mandala or other picture with a meaning? What does it mean?

  • How much is a Ralph Waldo Emerson signed book worth?

    I have a very old copy of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s book ‘Compensation’ and it is from the very early 1900’s, possibly the late 1800’s. The book is signed on the first page by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It has his signature, and something else he wrote that I can’t quite make out. Does anyone have any idea what the value of this book may be? Or somewhere I can get it appraised? Thanks so much. (10 points to best answer)

  • Paranormal book help?

    Looking for a site or a book I use to have a long time ago. It was a book on how to do paranormal things like lit as a feather stiff as a board, past lives (mirror gazing), 100 candles, and a lot of other cool stuff. Does anyone have any ideas for me?It would be greatly appreciated.

    Blessed Be

    I did NOT ask what is your thoughts on my question. I asked if you happen to know of a book or site to help me in my search. As of being enlightened! I would have to say you my dear need to be enlightened on how to read a question, not on how to judge and put others down so that you may score a few points. So if you simply don’t know what the answer to my question or anyone el’s and if you don’t have any helpful tips for me or anyone el’s please keep your judge mental comments to your self. I really feel no point’s are worth putting other’s down for.
    TY TY TY Bad I have tried that and several other ways..ugg…Thats what brought me here..TY for such a nice answer. I hope I get lucky and find jus someone who might know lol…

  • What book of the bible tells about fallen angels?

    Okay so I’ve been reading a few books with fallen angels in them, and I want to read what the bible actually says regarding them.
    okay first off stop trolling
    second, I’m not really a specific religion. I like to learn about different cultures and religions. Sorry for not wanting to be an ignorant asshole like you guys.
    Third, thank you for those who actuay answered my question.

  • What does everyone think of Oprah and her new promotion of Eckart Tolle’s new book New Earth?

    Her saying people don’t need to live according to the Bible but to have a special knowledge called Jesus conciousness. Sounds a little like Agnosticism.

  • What can you do with the i’ching book of changes?

    what is it, how can i learn it, does it work?

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