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  • Entertaining Buddhist Book Grapples with Life’s Toughest Problems

    (PRWEB) May 31, 2003

    Romancing the Buddha is about the practice of Nichiren Buddhism, which teaches that an individual has the power to influence his or her, oftentimes uncertain, circumstances—be it a stressful workday or the fear war brings. The book offers profound insights regarding a wide range of topics including adversity, family, relationships, and happiness in daily life.

    Lisagor shares how his thirty-three years of applying Buddhist principles have helped him successfully deal with depression, his wife’s serious illness, raising two daughters, and finding hope in a turbulent society. Seeing his website gain enormous popularity and positive feedback encouraged him to put those entertaining insights permanently in print. One reader stated, “I’ve never laughed so hard. Wonderful reading! I will share your articles with Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.”

    About the Author:

    Michael Lisagor, together with his wife, started practicing Buddhism in 1969. A self-confessed (but now reformed) class clown and product of the sixties, he is the president of Celerity Works, a management consulting company and columnist for Federal Computer Week. He has been writing humorous articles with a message for the World Tribune and Living Buddhism for fifteen years. The photographs in Romancing the Buddha are the result of his passion for nature photography.

    Romancing the Buddha

    By Michael Lisagor

    Publication Date:

    Trade Paperback; $ 20.99; 136 pages; 1-4010-9499-6

    Cloth Hardback; $ 30.99; 136 pages; 1-4010-9500-3

    Michael Lisagor is available for interviews by calling (215) 923-4686 x. 190 or emailing or contacting the author at To request a complimentary paperback or electronic (e-book)review copy of Romancing the Buddha, contact the publisher at (215) 923-4686 x. 190. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (215) 599-0114.

  • Gypsy Girl Releases Gypsy Magic for the Family’s Soul: A Romany Book of Oil, Sachets, Incense and Spells

    Wooster, Ohio (PRWEB) November 14, 2006

    New book, “Gypsy Magic for the Family’s Soul,” by Allie instructs readers how to lose weight, encourage peace among blended family members and connect to deceased loved ones.

    “Gypsy Magic for the Family’s Soul” by Allie is a powerful collection of magic to heal and protect the reader and their family. Based on ancient Gypsy rites, the formulas and spells within allow the reader to tap into their own innate gifts and transform their life. They are a mix of Allie’s personal secrets along with the successful combinations she uses to help her clients — and now the reader — succeed.

    Gypsy Magic for the Family’s Soul provides easy-to-understand steps that incorporate ordinary household objects to:

    Lose weight

    Heal and renew

    Request spiritual visits from family friends

    Rid your home of ghosts

    Communicate with your pet

    Get step-parents and step-children to co-exist

    …and more.

    The book contains chapters on the creation and usage of oils, incenses, sachets and spells, as well as Gypsies and the Holocaust and hints and tips for successful magic.

    Release date for the both the e-book and the soft cover is November 14, 2006. The e-book is available in PDF format for USD 5.45, and will be available online at The soft cover is USD 11.99 and will be available through

    Gypsy Magic for the Family’s Soul is the third in a series of “Gypsy Magic for the Soul” books. Other books cover topics including Love, Family, Dreams and Astral Travel.

    Allie is an internationally renowned Personal Intuitive Advisor with a thriving practice in Ohio. A descendant of the Rom gypsies of Transylvania, she is blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance (seeing psychic visions), claircognizance (knowing facts without knowing how one receives the information), clairaudience (hearing the voice of the Divine), energy/light healing, prophecy and the knack with communicating with her spirit guides and angels.

    Her syndicated metaphysical advice column, Ask Allie, is available on over fifty web sites and her Podcast is heard around the world. To schedule a lecture or book signing, visit Gypsy Girl Press at for more information. To schedule a reading, please visit her web site, Gypsyadvice, at

    Contact: Allie Theiss

    Gypsy Girl Press

    PO Box 1511

    Wooster, Oh 44691



  • New Book by Best-Selling Author Steven S. Sadleir, Naked Soul, Explores Worshiping God in the Feminine

    Laguna Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2007

    Naked Soul is a collection of ecstatic writings, poetry and prose celebrating the living presence of God being expressed in everyone and in everything, everywhere, all the time, but particularly recognizing it within women. The author expresses his love affair with the Divine through God’s presence as woman, and takes the reader into an intoxicated state where male and female, as well as human and divine, merge together in sacred union.

    Sadleir’s premise is that “God is love” and when you open your heart to realize this living presence or spirit within you enter into paradise. The words bring back the latent memory of a joy and peace we all come from but have forgotten. Naked Soul awakens the memory of our spirit nature and provides a road map for coming home again. “The words are there to strip your mind of logic and reason and to set your spirit free” says Sadleir who won the International poetry award last year with his poem Emotions.

    Love for God is expressed sensually and erotically. The reader is invited to “make union” with the Divine and sees God exulted in the feminine form. Sadleir makes love to God through poems called Passion’s Lair and Naked Truth and then is invited to play in God’s secret garden in The Secret Code, Finding Pennies and God is Groovy. Deliberately written in a way that defies convention and in a style unique to the author alone, Naked Soul is sure to offend editors and patrons of poetry alike. It is written for those who are either already crazy or who want to be crazy. “Reading this book will cause you to go crazy…if only while your reading it,” states Sadleir who is a Spiritual Master and Director of the Self Awareness Institute.

    Steven S. Sadleir is the best-selling author of Looking for God: A Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Paths of the World (Penguin-Putnam), a compendium of every major spiritual path, denomination and teacher on the planet, and Wake Up: Live the Life You Love, co-authored with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Mark Victor Hansen, as well as other popular books, such as, The Calling and The Awakening. Steven is director of The Self Awareness Institute with students in over 120 countries, teaches Shaktipat Meditation globally, and has a radio show on the Internet called Enlightenment Radio.

    Naked Soul (ISBN 978-1-8835-4406-5, 100 pages, $ 24.95), is a guide book to higher consciousness. This book is available through New Leaf Distributing,, in bookstores or on the publisher’s website.


    Pauline Doan, director of public relations



  • Landmark Gay Novelist Publishes First Nonfiction Book: Patricia Nell Warren?s Lavender Locker Room Out In November

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (PRWEB) October 18, 2006

    Internationally celebrated novelist, Patricia Nell Warren, is publishing her first nonfiction book titled “The Lavender Locker Room, 3,000 Years of Great Athletes Whose Sexual Orientation Was Different,” scheduled for release through Wildcat Press in November.

    Warren?s previous works, including “The Front Runner,” “Harlan?s Race,” “Billy?s Boy,” “The Wild Man,” and “One Is The Sun,” represent a distinguished literary career of four decades and are considered essential inventory by booksellers who carry gay fiction.

    Warren?s latest offering is an anthology of historical essays previously featured on which chronicle the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender athletes over the past three millennia. Among the noteworthy sports figures featured in The Lavender Locker Room are golfer Babe Didrikson, boxer Wilhelm von Homburg, pilot Amelia Earhart, downhill skier Erik Schinegger, jockey John Damien, and 13th century jouster Jeanne la Pucelle, better known as Joan of Arc.

    ?These authentic, in-depth profiles span many countries and run the sexuality gamut,? says Ms. Warren, ?focusing both on the compelling personal stories of these remarkable athletes and on their lasting contributions to sport itself.?

    “The Lavender Locker Room” is also Warren?s first anthology and features athletes from the Trojan War in 1000 B.C. to just after the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, representing a myriad of sports including alpine skiing, ballooning, baseball, boxing, dressage, fencing, football, horse racing, tennis, swimming, and sport aviation.

    ?My point in telling these stories is that the presence of athletes with different sexualities in sport is not something that started when football player David Kopay came out in 1975. It has been going on for many centuries,? Warren declares.

    Warren, who has written eight novels and two books of poetry, has attracted an estimated twenty million readers worldwide with subjects which range from gay life to Native American spirituality. However, The Lavender Locker Room is Warren?s first book of nonfiction and is scheduled to arrive in bookstores nationwide by November 1s. According to Warren, launch events are in now preparation for both east and west coasts.

    Warren?s most celebrated work, “The Front Runner,” about the relationship between an ex-Marine track coach and his male athlete, was the first contemporary novel with openly gay characters to make the New York Times Bestseller List, has sold an estimated ten million copies in ten languages.

    According to a public pole taken by the Publishing Triangle, Warren’s “Front Runner” is considered by many to be the most influential gay novel of the 20th century.

    Online information on “The Lavender Locker Room” or other books by Patricia Nell Warren is available at

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  • Where can I get a copy of the Wiccan “Book of Shadows”?

    Question by Espeon: Where can I get a copy of the Wiccan “Book of Shadows”?
    I just want to learn more about Wicca and it’s ritual, so where can I get a copy or some type?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Devo
    Well there is no official book of shadows. Each Wiccan or witch will normally have their own BOS that documents their knowledge, etc. If you want to learn more about Wicca itself you can find lots of stuff on the internet (, and there is always your local library or bookstore which has tons of selections to pick from.
    For people starting out, I find that Scott Cunningham gives a nice overview.

    Add your own answer in the comments!

  • Is Yoda a Zen Master? New book “The Dharma of Star Wars” Offers a Refreshing Take on the Famous Film Saga

    Somerville, MA (PRWEB) April 8, 2005

    Imagine: a new way to appreciate all of the Star Wars movies—even the almost universally-detested Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones! Movie-goers may have their fingers crossed that Lucas’s final installment this Spring is a return to form, but Matthew Bortolin, author of the Dharma of Star Wars (April 2005) will be happy whatever the outcome—and he thinks that we should be, too.

    A full fledged, Jedi robe-wearing Star Wars fanatic, Bortolin has made peace with the inconsistency of the franchise, and in fact, boldly defends every episode! His book, The Dharma of Star Wars, asks the sorts of question that even the most casual fans might wonder about: Is Yoda supposed to be some kind of Zen Master? What would it be like to train as a Jedi? Why is it that the story of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader feels so epic, so universal? In the answering, Bortolin reveals surprising and satisfying depths of all of the Star Wars films, even those that critics and fans found disappointing. Bortolin’s enthusiasm and unique point of view will be a hit with anyone, from old-schoolers whose kids came of age during the first wave of Star Wars-mania, to the young fans of today.

    Bortolin has begun to do press in advance of The Dharma of Star Wars’ arrival in stores mid-April —just in time for fans to re-familiarize themselves with the arc of the entire Star Wars saga!

    To learn more about this fun new take on Star Wars, visit the book’s web-page at, or contact Rod Meade Sperry at 617–776-7416, ext 29.

    Book Specs

    Title: The Dharma of Star Wars * AUTHOR: Matthew Bortolin

    Price: $ 14.95 * SIZE: 6×9, 224 pages

    ISBN 0-86171-497-0

    Publication: April 2005

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