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  • Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine TCM, BBC Interview

    Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine TCM, BBC Interview with Paul Robin Chairman of the acupuncture society learn Chinese medicine at

  • In Chinese astrology people born in the year 1983 is Dog or Pig?

    In some Chinese astrology calenders (in internet and in print) people born in the year 1983 are considered to have the Dog symbol and some Chinese astrology calenders people born in the year 1983 are considered to have the Pig symbol.
    Which one is originally correct?

  • Chinese Horoscope: Find your Chinese Astrology Sign

    Everybody is interested in knowing what is going to happen in his or her in the near future. Whether he will be successful in exams, whether he will get married to his love, whether his business will work, what about the marriage life ahead and other lot many questions have always attracted people towards their horoscope. Every morning we get up and look for the horoscope page to know that day’s fortune. Horoscope and various other astrological products have always allured the mankind.


    Chinese horoscope is one such type of horoscope which is based on traditional astrology theories and calendars. Chinese horoscope is associated with different principles of Chinese philosophy like yin yang theory, five element theory, wu xing teachings, 12 earthy branches, lunisolar calendar etc. The Chinese form of geomancy, Feng shui, believes that balance between yin and yang and five elements determine the person’s happiness and prosperity. These five elements have particular energy (qi) in a particular direction. Any imbalances in them invite negative energy towards a person thus interrupting in his smooth life.


    Chinese horoscope is basically calculated according to the wu xing teachings. This says that five major planets Venus, Jupiter, mercury, mars and Saturn are associated with five elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth respectively. An individual’s fortune is determined with the position of these planets along with position of sun and moon. Persons’ time and place of birth also holds an important position.


    Luni solar calendar is a calendar of 60 year cycle. Here two cycles interact with each other. One is the cycle of five elements named as wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. These five elements are present in their yin yang forms. The other one is of 12 animal signs starting from rat with ending on boar. These two cycles in combination forms 60 pairs or 60 years. They always start from yang wood rat and ends with yin metal boar. As animal signs are divisible by 2 so each zodiac sign can occur in either the yin form or yang form. You can find your Chinese astrology sign among this only. Start of every new zodiac is considered as start of new Chinese year. This comes around the end of January or February.


    In China a person’s traits are determined by not asking his/her age but by asking to which animal he belongs to. Chinese zodiac is divided in 12 year cycle and each year is represented by an animal. Each animal has different characteristics, traits and behavior according to which person’s physical and mental attributes are decided. This also helps in knowing about the success and happiness in your life throughout.


    The 12 animal signs are in the following order:

    Pig (boar in Japan)


    The concept behind these 12 animals is that once Buddha called all the animals for celebrating New Year’s Eve. But only 12 animals were successful in reaching there. Moreover Ox was fast and was supposed to reach there for first but rat sat on ox’s back and jumped just before the destination. Therefore it came first and ox was second.


    Chinese horoscope is not used for fortune predictions as such but is very reliable in telling bout person’s character, talents and biases. You can also try your Chinese fate by knowing your Chinese year and animal. Don’t get tensed if it displays something horrible, negative or terrible. Just take this for fun and enjoy what’s there in your luck.

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  • Did Melayu has their own geomancy and feng shui like Hindu vashu sastra chinese Feng shui how about malays?

  • Can someone give me the Chinese version of this I ching poem please?

    When two people are at one
    in their inmost hearts,
    they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze.
    And when two people understand each other
    in their inmost hearts,
    their words are sweet and strong,
    like the fragrance of orchids.

  • Astrology the Chinese Way… Animal Signs Tell All


    From the Year of the Rat through the Year of the Pig, there are twelve animal signs in the Oriental astrological system. To find your own sign, all you need to know is the year of your birth. Though there are no complicated rising signs nor intricate charts to reckon with, the Chinese New Year (or TET as it is called in Vietnam) falls on a different date each year. It can occur as early as mid-January or as late as mid-February. So if you were born in either of these two months, please con¬sult the charts at the beginning of each chapter for accuracy. A person born in late January of a Snake year might not be a Snake subject, but rather will come under the influence of the preceding Dragon year.

    The cycle of the Chinese zodiac renews itself every dozen years. As luck would have it, 1900 was a Rat year. Since Rat is first in the series of twelve signs and its year opened our century, we could calculate the signs of our contemporaries with ease. The year 2000 was not so convenient. Instead of rounding out nicely to start the new century with a Rat year again, 2000 was a Dragon year. The Dragon, unlike the Rat, is not the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac but the fifth. So in this new century we have to work a bit harder to calculate our Chinese sign.

    Chinese legend has it that the order of the twelve animal signs was determined thousands of years ago by Buddha himself. According to an age-old tale, there came a day when Buddha felt that the Chinese nation was sadly in need of a new order. On the occasion of the New Year, he called all the animals in the kingdom together for a meeting. But only twelve beasts showed up for this convention.

    First came the aggressive Rat, then the hard-working Ox. At their heels bounded the smiling Tiger and his crony, the cautious Cat/Rabbit. Soon the spiffy Dragon appeared, followed by the wise Snake. The gifted Horse came galloping after them, and up gamboled the gentle Goat. In their wake came the merry Monkey, then in strutted the proud Rooster. The last to be heard from were the faithful Dog and the scrupulous Pig.

    Buddha honored them in the order of their arrival at his summit conference, and endowed each of the twelve animals with a year of its own. From that New Year forward, each successive year of the Chinese calendar bore the character of the animal that gave it a name. Moreover, those people born in specific animal years are marked by the nature and disposition of their natal animal. Obviously, we do not take these symbolic badges altogether literally. People born in Ox years are not necessarily big-boned or muscular. But little by little, as you study the signs, you may notice some remarkable physical likenesses. Once you are familiar with the characteristics of your own sign and have examined the characteristic that describe your lovers, friends, coworkers, and family members, you might begin trying to guess at the possible signs of strangers.


    What you are about to discover is an ancient Oriental art of character reading and fate prediction upon which the Orient has depended for many, many centuries. Although the Chinese horoscope is different from our Western astrology, like all systems of presage, it applies the date of a subject’s birth to a set or predetermined characteristics that help to predict what the basic nature of that person will be. Unlike our Western plan, the Chinese horoscope does not consider only the influence of stars and planets upon the human personality. The Chinese horoscope eliminates complication. We do not have to consult with an old sage in Peking in order to read about ourselves. Our animal symbol will tell us enough to keep us going through thick and thin for many a year.

    Every Asian person about to make a great decision about marriage, family, profession, burial, or relocation will first check to see if his sign and those of the people involved indicate that any benefit will result from his prospective move. In Japan and China parents still arrange many marriages. If the family considers that a Rooster son is not well matched to a Rat woman, oftentimes the wedding is called off.

    Every sixty years, there occurs a Horse year that is called the Year of the Fire Horse. The birth of a Fire Horse child, though fortu¬nate for the child himself, is thought to be disruptive to a home and family. Since 1966 was a Fire Horse year and many Japanese women did not wish their families to come under malevolent influences, the abortion rate in many Asian countries soared to a dizzying rate in 1965.

    Certain years are not particularly productive for agriculture. Oxen subjects, who are gifted for farming, do not thrive in these years. Oxen are advised to store up provisions during the period preceding Goat and Monkey years so as not to suffer from want during these leaner times. You will find similar predictions for your own sign at the end of each chapter.

    It is not unusual to see entire blocks of derelict buildings in cities like Hong Kong, awaiting demolition because sages have said the time is not right. The temporary burial of family members is not uncommon in Japan. Ancestors, according to the Oriental horoscope, must be laid to rest under auspicious conditions. Permanent grave sites are decided upon only after due consultation with augurs.


    Astrology – like psychology and various other “ologies” – is yet another way of finding out who we are and how we can be happier. Astrologers do not claim to have all the answers. As a soothsayer, I cannot (and will not) presume to know if you must or must not buy a new car on Thursday, the twenty-ninth of July, 2021. But what I do know is that the animal symbol that rules the year of your birth had endowed you with certain basic characteristics and helped to define your funda¬mental nature.

    Once you are made aware of these qualities and have accepted certain of your faults, it is conceivable that you will have a better chance of making life cooperate with you. Given definite attributes to work with, you will have the possibility of molding your own life to fit your desires and ambitions. Moreover, as you examine the characteristics pertaining to your friends or acquaintances, you may learn why they behave in ways hitherto incomprehensible to you.

    Life is undoubtedly fuller and richer for those of us who are gifted with self-knowledge. Yet, no matter how much we think we know, sometimes we can actually stand by and watch ourselves falling into negative patterns of behavior and repeating our old mistakes. We need to be reminded of the pitfalls to watch for in our individual character so we can avoid falling into ruts.

    It is true that society or circumstance can prevent us from following our true natures. Poor environment or unfortunate childhood experiences have marred many a soul and thwarted more than one person from attaining desired goals. For all kinds of reasons, we sometimes repress or otherwise modify our real selves for the sake of another person, a job, or family situation. These modifications are however only survival tactics and may hinder our personal progress for a lifetime. In this day of open forum and the right to personal freedom, we should no longer be imprisoned or held back by outside restraints.

    For most of us, the discovery of our “own thing” is half the battle. Without the knowledge of who we are, we cannot hope to do anything but bog down in confusion or wonder, Why me? Where have I gone wrong? And these and other such self-pitying or deluding quicksand states of mind are the biggest inhibitors of all. To get the most out of life, you can begin by getting the most out of this information. Not only is the Chinese horoscope amusing and informative, it’s my guess that it will provide you with many a pleasant surprise. Let’s hope too that you will glean enough extra knowledge of yourself to assist in casting your own future more satisfactorily.


    Suzanne White is know worldwide as the high priestess of Chinese and western astrologies. She has written 4 best-selling books on the subject and invented an ingenious crossover system which blends Chineses and western horoscopes. See The New Astrology

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