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  • Q&A: What is the difference between a “vibe” and an “aura”?

    Question by Dude: What is the difference between a “vibe” and an “aura”?
    Do both refer to centers of energy emanating from ourselves?

    Best answer:

    Answer by matt
    ‘Vibe’ pretty much means ‘feeling’ or ‘sensation’. ‘Aura’ is more specific – it actually means the essence of an individual that emanates from them. Generally it’s take to mean a highly distinctive character (which can almost be seen just by looking at the person).

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  • Wicca vs Witchcraft what is the difference – BlazeLeeDragon

    Blaze Lee Dragon discusses the difference between wicca and witchcraft. Magic, Magick, Religion, Wicca, Wiccan, Witch, Witchcraft, Pagan, Paganism

    Learning white magic is best done under the apprenticeship of a competent teacher, but there are also many good resources to consult to get a basis for learning the craft. Maintain good ethics when learning white magic with insight from an internationally known psychic in this free video on witchcraft. Expert: Sandra Cheryl Richardson Contact: Bio: Sandra Cheryl Richardson is an internationally-known psychic consultant, paranormal investigator and metaphysical teacher. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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  • wiccans: what is the difference between “old wicca” and “new wicca”?

    Question by mAdDy: wiccans: what is the difference between “old wicca” and “new wicca”?
    i think i want to become a wiccan but i want to research it as much as i can first, so i though asking wiccans themselves would be a good idea. thank you so much for answering my question, it is greatly appriciated =).

    Best answer:

    Answer by Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!
    Since Wicca is only about 70 years old, a “new” and “old” division is rather nonsensical.

    Most often, when someone speak of “old Wicca”, they are talking about something that doesn’t exist: an ancient pre-Christian religion that survived in secret for centuries. It never existed. There’s no evidence for it *at all*.

    Some Traditionalists speak of Wicca and neo-Wicca, which you can ignore. It’s basically telling Eclectics “what you’re doing isn’t real Wicca.” Considering for the longest times these same Traditionalists refused to even call themselves Wiccan, it’s really nonsensical. Traditional and Eclectic Wicca are different, but they are both still Wicca.

    more info:

    edit: Wow, 7 thumbs down, yet not a single person willing to offer an alternative explanation? That’s a wee bit suspicious.

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  • What’s the difference between a Pagan and a Heathen?

    Question by S Class: What’s the difference between a Pagan and a Heathen?
    I thought that Pagans were worshipers of rocks and trees and stuff. Heathens I thought were defined as those who are “godless”. Can someone help me out here? It seems the two simply fall under “Spiritualism” and are not defined any further.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Frau Hunter JPA
    pagans don’t worship rocks and trees – ask your ancestors. They have deities and very refined religions. Paganism is an umbrella term for religions that aren’t Abrahamic (Christian/Jewish/Muslim).

    heathen with a small “h” means uncivilized, godless and barbaric (Christian definition)

    Heathen with a capital “H” means someone that is part of the reconstruction pagan religion of Northern Europe/Anglo-Saxon England. Also known as Asatru, Vor Tru, Theodism, Odinism, etc.

    perhaps a Wiki search on paganism will help with the education.

    Pagans and Heathens are very serious about our religions.

    There are Hindus, Kemetics, Celtic Reconstructionists, Roman, Greek/Hellenism, Druidic, Slavic, Baltic, Icelandic, Finnish, Native American, Japanese, etc.

    The religions are VERY defined. Spiritualism usually means something a little more eclectic and New Age.

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  • Q&A: what is the difference between “witchcraft”and “wicca”?

    Question by xamberxchux: what is the difference between “witchcraft”and “wicca”?
    i’d really like to know, can someone tell me. because i kinda thought they were the same thing but just using wicca as a shorter way to spell it

    Best answer:

    Answer by CD3
    there is no real difference its the same thing Witchcraft and Wicca are basically the same thing
    i think of Wicca as a slang for Witchcraft

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  • Q&A: What is the true difference between “Pagan” , “Atheist” and “Agnostic”?

    Question by Loving Him 777: What is the true difference between “Pagan” , “Atheist” and “Agnostic”?
    And…would you say you are more innately this or is it due to circumstance, environment or experiences in your life? Truly would like to know to understand more about it.

    Best answer:

    Answer by The Reverend Soleil
    The atheist says, “I don’t believe any gods exist.”

    The agnostic says, “I’m not sure whether any gods exists, and it may not be possible to find out for sure within this lifetime.”

    The pagan says, “I have my own gods, and don’t need to bow before your god Jehovah or his earthly avatar Jesus.”

    I’d say that in the vast majority of cases people are the religion they are, because that’s the religion their family or peer group belonged to.

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