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  • Q&A: Are those soaps you find in natural food stores just a gimmick?

    Question by Middle N: Are those soaps you find in natural food stores just a gimmick?
    You know, the ones that are sold without packaging and come in different varieties like “oatmeal”, “chamomile”, “tea tree”, etc. I feel like they must just make all the soaps the same way with regular soap ingredients, and throw in a bit of some extra ingredient because it sells better that way. Does anybody know how these soaps are made? Are they really better than the mass-produced & packaged ones?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Paulina
    Natural soaps are made with natural ingredients instead of chemicals. If you’re wondering how those particular soaps are made then you should inquire to the makers or look at the ingredient list to see what’s in them. But you’re right there are some soaps that are just gimmicks. They are just normal soaps in disguise that look fancy. Most likely though if you’re in a natural food store then they are natural.

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  • Your Spiritual Path-How to Find It and What It Can Do for You

    Article by Mark Anderson

    A spiritual path is something that is written in all of us. It’s not the same for everyone, however, it is our true identity. Not the identity that we’ve been programmed with. So how do we know what our spiritual path is? Well all I can give you are guidelines to follow. Please understand that there is no 1 way to find your spiritual path. All I or anyone can give you is a road map that will lead you in a direction. That direction will change for you once your on the road, it does for all of us. We all walk a spiritual path in this life but we never follow the same path to get there. So here is a technique that I use on a daily basis that gives me the silence I need to get my mind to shut up and let me get some peace and allows me to slow down my mind enough to focus and feel the true spirituality that lies within all of us. The true spirituality I’m speaking of is the God inside you…You. I’m talking about you, you are God and the quicker you accept this the closer you will get to your goal of a happier and joyous life that includes the fruits of what we’re all looking for. The “heaven on earth”. The enlightenment blah blah blah. Whatever you call it it’s the same. It’s everything and it’s everywhere. Sorry to get side tracked but I needed to mention the above because I believe that if everyone believed that, then there truly would be no war. Now this technique that I’ve been talking about but haven’t gotten to yet: Body awareness, all day and everyday you need to keep some of your attention on your body. This is the single most powerful meditation tool that I use daily. Now keep in mind that above I said some of your attention, I don’t want an email from someone telling me they focused their whole attention on their body while they were driving and got in a car wreck…not a good idea. However there should be times that when you get a chance that you focus your whole attention on your whole attention on your body. The idea here is this will keep you in your present mind as much as possible. We all live in the past and the future but never in the present and when we get closer to living most of our life in the present we start to see our world change. What I have personally received from this is greater spirituality and on occasion an incredible feeling of depth and love, spiritual insight, Kundalini, Opening my 3rd eye chakra, personal healing and the healing of others, and a more peaceful daily life.

    About the Author

    I’m a seeker of the truth. I’ve studied everything from the Holy Bible to the Quran. I’m starting a movement to change the shared consciousness of the world from fear to love.

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  • How does one find their “Twin Flame”?

    Question by Choloe: How does one find their “Twin Flame”?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Moonblood
    Meditate. A lot. this works really well, take a marker and a piece of paper. Write down something about yourself you hate, meditate for a minute, then cross it out slowly. This will let you connect with your twin flame, and will change you. Do this once a day for a week, and your twin will reveal itself to you, and will join you. I joined my souls a while ago and have helped many people with theirs. Hope this helps!

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  • how do I find out what my “rising sIgn ” is?

    Question by superfastkittykat: how do I find out what my “rising sIgn ” is?
    i saw a special about astrological signs and it made me wonder..the special was on yahoo news

    Best answer:

    Answer by Minkus

    go to my astro, and then put in your birth time, you have to know the exact time.

    then open up “Chart Drawing Ascendant”
    at the top it will tell you what kind of Ascendant you have, which means the same thing as Rising Sign.

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  • where do i find the herbal medicine “peperomia” coz i having problem for my uric acid.?

    by ackdoh

    Question by Nicolesimon M: where do i find the herbal medicine “peperomia” coz i having problem for my uric acid.?
    this is the good herbal for me to eliminate the uric acid in my body, coz this coming winter my gout athritis will attack me again….pls help me ….anybody there knows where is it? i need to somebody to give me some advice abt this prblem.

    Best answer:

    Answer by biogardener
    Pepperomia is a house plant which you can buy at a flower shop. I wouldn’t advise it, though. Put hot pepper sauce on your arthritis, because capsicum (cayenne) takes away arthritic pain. I know. I use it.

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  • In Vedic astrology rising sign is most important, but I find that to be not true at all. Why do they say that?

    Even the nakshatra of my rising sign does not fit me at all, I cannot relate to it.
    My chandra nakshatra fits well.

    So why is this?

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